Thursday, June 30, 2005


Wednesday- Neal here.
Thursday- Hookahs
Friday- Cards and beer and the comfy chair and harts old/new house, cold , hard floor.
Saturday- Harry's, Neal threw up on me, danced on a tabletop, goon, Harry's mum had to drive us home.
Sunday- Mulgrave, fish and chips, edith's friends, drugs, pantry, Teishan- chinese province, mcdonalds, breakfast club.
Monday- Home, banquet, michael and angus, mess, drunkenness, snuggles, Freg.
tuesday- Date, Batman, Robbie Still at my house with Neal.
Wednesday- scottish guy, fregs, chicken, glasses, home, drugs, bucket, freg and leyla, Alex.
Thursday- Rally , Neal at Wills, Robbie still bleeding here when i get back!
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