Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today and not yesterday or the day before

I just remembered a very amusing dream where i was sitting next to my liberal voting neighbour and for some reason he had an erection and I was yelling about how Angus and Robertson should get out of Iraq.
Explain what that one means.
Yeah , today and yesterday have been really boring, firstly i can't remember what i did yesterday except sleep and then i watched Scream which was quite fun actually. Definitely a classic. but a very weird film. Finally i can see some sunshine in the weather forecast. how symbolic. I think I would have had a good time today were it not for the anxiety of homework. Which i haven't actually done. I'll start soon. Neal is coming on wednesday. Should be cool and weird. There's some weird stuff that's going to happen this holidays that's for sure. I think I should start another pure love thing. Maybe to distribute on the last day of term. Send me random articles that you think people should read, or quotes or poetry or anything. I feel frustrated, i might go outside.
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