Sunday, June 12, 2005


Ok I've had a thought. The posters didn't work, they were too political and ultimately maybe useless. What we need is a new project. Kind of a public art project, except at school. This is inspired by recent intersting happenings. On wednesday I spent about 30 mins drawing pictures on leaves in the park, I liked the idea of someone picking up a leaf randomly that had been carried away by the wind and finding a picture on it. And then last night leaving messages on people's cars. Poetry and 'pure love'. And me and Emily's quote swapping. It's time to expand the program. Perhaps it could be like the now infamous S.I.X. campaign. What do you all think? Firstly it takes the form of posters, poetry left in library books, graffiti on tables, quotes and poetry left on whiteboards. What's the name of the campaign though, pure love? Does it sound insincere? Any other ideas?
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