Sunday, May 22, 2005

New blogs and backness (possibly temporary)

Matt J's blog here
Teishan's blog here

My god. Saturday night was another new experience. I feel pretty weird now. A mixture of tiredness, depression and happiness. up, down, up down. Ah It will be a good day tomorrow. Just how to get there. Teishan has a brave attempt at gonzo journalism. A poem:
Gwen Harwood, dead, poet
Max Kaiser, alive, know it

Hehehehe. Thats pretty good.

Ah god, Political analysis?
Howard is officially getting worse and worse. Nothing can save us. The Coalition will have a senate majority until at least 2011. Think about that. This is the most dangerous government we've ever had, and they're killing us.
As Teishan mentioned, we met a german guy. Germans have an awful sense of humour. He comes to this country and talks about how there are too many asians and they keep to themselves too much. I really felt like saying Fuck off, this is our country, we like it multicultural, we like our asians, what right do you have to come to our country and talk about the people who live here so nastily. Ahh, but he's not a racist as Teishan says, just an idiot who doesn't understand our culture.
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