Sunday, April 24, 2005

the weekend so far in dot point form

  • Friday- hung out at Alex's, Matt came over and out we went to shoot a music video.
  • Ran around southbank and crow casino
  • Felt wanged so went home
  • Slept
  • Woke up, watched FL CL with Alex
  • Matt K came over
  • Matt J came over
  • We went to the bus stop to catch the bus down brunswick rd to get to Emma's party
  • Waited there for about half an hour before realising that we'd misread the timetable and the bus wouldn't be coming for until the next day
  • Walked to Emma's
  • Bit of a blur, met some christians
  • Danced ecstatically to 'It's raining men'
  • Decided to go to Paul Scarmazzinos party
  • Took ages to leave but we did, about 7 of us including a german backpacking rugby player that we'd invited to play tiggy with us a few days before.
  • Got to Pauls
  • Danced ecstatically to John Zorn and then half of Abbey Road
  • Jumped on a table
  • Went to brunswick St
  • Saw Jethro
  • Saw Kat and Olaf and friends
  • Sad Braiden and George begging for beer money
  • Didn't give them any
  • Met random Adelaideian skater guys who said they were having a party but were really just playing playstation and being sleazy adelaidian fucks.
  • Ran away
  • Slept at Alex's
  • Celebrating Passover tonight
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