Friday, April 15, 2005

Me and my mysterious alter ego have a discussion

Me: Yo man, has m3r started up again?
Also me: What, what are you talking about... m3r?
Me: You remember man, that cutting edge blog of the democratic youth movement at Princes Hill?
Also me: Oh yeah I kiiiinnnd of remember that.
Me: Yeah?
Also me: Yeah?
Me: Has it started up again?
Also me: I don't know, has it?
Me: There's a new post. It says that its being started up again. You don't know anything about it?
Also me: I may and I may not.
Me: What? You do know about it.
Also me:Maybe
Me: Well do you think it will be as wildly successful as it was before?
Also me: I don't know, Its really only me, _____ and ____.
Me: Oh ____. I love ____ he's so hot.
Also me: Me too. Well you know if m3r doesn't work out i've invited ____ to this blog anyway and that could be massively awesome.
Me: Will you blog about your 10 day party which will no doubt involve massive amounts of alchohol, sex (not between you two obviously), drugs and strippers.
Also me: Yeah I guess so.
Me: Cool
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