Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Baghdad Burning

This is an interesting interview with Riverbend the writer of the Baghdad Burning blog.

In other news about Iraq, we here about the disgusting contempt that America has for democracy:

As politicians debated renewed violence, an Iraqi lawmaker accused a US soldier of grabbing him by the throat and shoving him to the ground after he parked his car in Baghdad’s Green Zone. Fattah al-Sheikh, an independent politician, said he had parked his car ahead of a session of parliament when US troops approached him and told him he didn’t have the right permit.

“I don’t speak English and so I said to the Iraqi translator with them, ‘Tell them that I am a member of parliament’, and he replied, ‘To hell with you, we are Americans,’” Sheikh told parliament.

This event left Fattah al-Sheikh in tears.

I don't mean to be too paranoid about conspiracy theories but:
The night before she died, at one of her thrown-together parties, she said she was staying in Baghdad longer than she had originally planned because she was close to establishing that the military kept records on civilian deaths in Iraq, despite military statements that such records don’t exist. From here
The death of Marla Ruzicka seems to have been a good thing for the Americans aswell as a great loss for the Iraqi people.
Cost of the War in Iraq
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