Thursday, March 31, 2005


Just a short post to say tomorrow is the last day of school for this term and also april fools day. I have a philosophy SAC on Aristotle to do. Sucks. I remember in primary school if the teacher was really cool at the end of every term we used to have a party with junk food and other partyish things. That was awesome. Now the end of term just means the beginning of 2 weeks where you get to temporarily fool yourself that you will have some free time until the crushing reality of how much homework you have to do hits you. Ah but for that first weekend.
Friday: movies and computer games
Saturday: Top Arts and a wild party
Sunday: recovery and reading and blogging, mmmm.
Do you remember recovery? That show was awesome. I probably blogged about this before but during the summer holidays before last they were playing repeats of recovery episodes on rage and they had one from 1998 when I was 11 and public enemy were on and they didnt believe the show was live and hilarity ensued and they talked about politics and Chuck D. had composed a poem called the perils of pauline. Oh it was great. I miss those days when I used to be conscious on saturday and sunday mornings and there used to be good television on. I blame it on Howard and the abc funding cuts.
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