Friday, March 25, 2005

I love John Howard (not really)

John Howard: democratic reformer?
I just found this quote from AnonymousLefty's blog:

Speaking on radio about the federal-state tax deadlock, Mr Howard said it would be better if Australia had no state governments - adding that it was "unrealistic" to wish for that now.

"If we were starting Australia all over again, I wouldn't support having the existing state structure," he said. "I would actually support having a national government, and perhaps a series of regional governments having the power of, say, the Brisbane City Council (Australia's most powerful local government).

"But we're not starting Australia all over again, and the idea of abolishing state governments is unrealistic."

I really think that this is a good idea, the states at this present moment can no longer prove their relevance to our system, they are simply out of date colonies. In fact we lose $20 billion dollars a year because of the current federal system we have. It's a much smarter idea to have these regional governments that Howard suggests except I think they should have more power than the Brisbane City Council and be more akin to the type of regional governments they have in Europe and they would definitely be given constitutional rights so the commonwealth government could not override them.

Howard's reforming ways go further than Australia. At one stage he was suggesting some actual democratic reform to the UN including abolishing veto powers. This is far more democratic than any reforms being suggested today which are mostly just proposals to expand the number of permanent members. Who knows if Howard is sincere about this belief or was simply just confused about how the UN has actually worked throughout its existence ie. with the US using its veto power to vastly impede the legitimate workings of the UN. Anyway you don't here much about these reforms anymore, perhaps he's been put in his rightful place by his masters. You can read about his ideas here.
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