Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blog me up before you go go.

Well after a long hiatus from blogging. I've decided that I am indeed back from the dead. Here comes your much missed teenage political commentary, personal stories, gonzo anecdotes. The things most occupying my mind at the moment are, in order:

1. Homework- 41 q's of Politics work to do. Here are some you may be able to help me with.

What is an electoral redistribution?
Give 2 reasons why it is necessary?
Explain one argument for and one against the use of single member electorates in the house of reps?
Explain the preferential voting method?

That should do for now. If you want more ask me. I can't say I'm expecting any traffic to come immmediately streaming to this site after i've neglected it for so long. So I may have to go on a commenting spree.

2. Jewish girl

3. Last weekend at Port fairy. We got into the green room and smoked a joint with Mia Dyson and played Bocce with the Vasco Era. We also made friends with some swedish drug dealers , 2 of my friends made out with girls that were far too young and got drunk on really cheap goon.

4. Next weekend: Strippers, ecstasy and political activism.

5. Just did the test. Scored a sweet -9.25 for economic and -9.59 for social. Check it.

6. God I hate John Howard and love Tim Colebatch.

7. I also despise Berlusconi. Or Burlesqueoni as some call him. But he seems to be representing his people properly on this one.

8.This. Who's coming , who isn't? A lot of people seem not to know about it.

9. Crap. That homework.
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