Sunday, March 27, 2005

Baxter 05

I remember quite clearly an incident in year 9, 2002 after the protests at Woomera. We were discussing the outcome of the nuremberg trials in class and I put my hand up to explain that the outcome of the nuremberg trials was that it was not a sufficient excuse to say you were following orders or that you were obeying the law if the law was immoral and in breach of human rights and that I had read an activist publication that was applying this idea to the actions of the protesters at Woomera, breaking the fences and freeing detainees. It suggested that we are in fact morally obligated to disobey the immoral laws concerning the detention of asylum seekers.
This for me was quite a revelation and it's a philosophy that I believe in to this today. The law holds no moral ground and in fact we mustn't respect it when this is the kind of thing it enables.

I for one am very grateful to the protesters currently outside the Baxter detention centre.
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