Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Awesome Joke

Stolen from here.

Amongst the Palestinian populace, Palestinians from Hebron are often regarded as the Polacks of the Palestinian community. In that, they are stereotyped as being incredibly dimwitted, and jokes in the vein of traditional "Polish jokes" are often applied to them.

Josh, one of my fellow fellows, happens to be friendly with a Palestinian neighbor of his, Bossom, who we've come to know for, among other things, his outrageous Hebroni jokes. Here are a few of them, told as closely to the way Bossom told them as possible. Imagine them being said in English with a thick Arab accent.

A Hebron man becomes very unhappy with his life, and very depressed, and decides he's going to kill himself. Somehow some members of Hamas find out and they come to him and say, "Brother, we hear you are going to kill yourself. We have come to ask you, if this is truly your desire, to become a shihadi (a suicide bomber). If you are going to die anyway, you may as well be a martyr for Allah and the cause of Palestine and die with some honor and... eh, take some Jews with you."

After thinking about it for a little while, the man agrees.

A few days later the man meets with his Hamas commander and he is strapped with a bomb and sent into Tel Aviv. He crosses through the checkpoint and at first stops at a gas station, where he calls the Hamas commander. "Brother, I am at a gas station. There are about five Jews here. Should I kill myself now?"

"No, no brother," the commander says. "It's not enough. Go find more Jews."

"Okay brother," he says and hangs up the phone.

He then finds a café and calls the commander again. "Brother, I am at a café. There are twenty Jews here. Should I kill myself now?"

"No," says the commander. "It is still not enough Jews. Keep looking."

"Okay brother," he says and hangs up the phone.

A few minutes later he is at the central bus station. He calls the Hamas commander. "Brother, I am at the bus station. There are hundreds of Jews everywhere. Should I kill myself now?"

"Yes brother! Yes! May Allah guard you! Kill yourself now!"

The Hebron man hangs up the phone, takes a knife from his pocket and stabs himself in the stomach.

This is a great blog by the way. I highly reccommend it.
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