Thursday, February 03, 2005

jeez its been a little busy

Fo sho. i just kicked off my final year of high school. Year twelve. Have had heaps of homework the last few days. Managed to get to the big day out last sunday though. Which was kick arse. How good were the hives? 7. And the Beastie boys, even though I could only see the tops of their heads, it was quite possibly the best show ever. Well anyway thank god I'm only doing humanities subjects and am so far doing the most interesting homework ever. Doing such things as:

Politics homework on the constitution: the work isn't that interesting but the specific cases are hellaz interesting. Politics , so interesting. I think the constitution is a really neglected area of focus for us lefty activist type people, it needs a hell of a lot of changing.

Revolutions homework: Reading about the Russian revolution. so interesting.

Italian homework: Speaking Italian Man! So good. Today as we were walking down Canning st to Alex's house we were stopped by these 3 old italian people who wanted to know our ages or something, and my friend Matt who spent a year in Italia and speaks italian fluently stopped and talked to them for like 10 mins in italian. Freg and I were too scared of getting lost to join in but it was really good just to listen.

Literature Homework: Reading Books!

Philosophy homework: Speaks for itself, how good is philosophy? 7, i agree.

Best subjects ever!

So that Iraqi election went well eh?
Pity about it being totally illegitimate. Sucks!

and for good measure: OMGWTFLOLLMFAO!!!!111!!~!!!!

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