Sunday, January 09, 2005

State politics

I think I may spend more time talking about state politics as its far more interesting and less depressing than federal politics at the moment + I plan to make use of my hot contacts.
In Crikey today I recieved this shocking news:
'The Bracks government in Victoria, incompetent but less scandal-prone, is doing better, but it too is behind for the first time, 51% to 49%. That's a swing of about 9 per cent.'
Dear lord man what the hell happened here? What kind of Victorian would even think of voting for this little pile of snot
Robert Doyle

There are now only 24 coalition members in the 88 seat Legislative Assembly, and this is how it should damn well stay. They're arseholes, complete cocks, if you were comparing them to federal members they'd all be Alexander Downers. Half of them have grey hair! Half!

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