Friday, January 28, 2005

So long Franja, we hardly knew ye.

Yes indeed. Everyone's favourite croatian chemistry teacher has been fired or at least asked to move on. The school keeps getting better and better. Phat principal, new classrooms, fired Franja, Nolan gone to a catholic school in werribee or something, and I heard a rumour that Forster was leaving but I won't get my hopes up about that. Anyway, I won't compose a song but here for your enjoyment is a list of some of Zlata Franja's choice quotes:

'I don't eat very often. I will be OK after 7th period today.'

'We done something today, even if I'm dead already.'

'If you dissapoint me I will kill you.'

'In my culture we don't apologise.'

'Today I can't even see with my glasses, probably I should sleep more.'

'I swear I'll kill everyone and everything.'

'Read questions 3 times, answer only once.'

'Sometimes I don't have 100% of my brain, probably because I didn't sleep.'

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