Sunday, January 09, 2005

Memory Block

Trawling throught the m3r archives I also found this (03)9292 2000 Andrew Bolt's phone number. I have no memory of anyone doing anything with it but maybe it doesn't work, apparently it goes through to his Personal assistant first.

Something else I found was an amusing piece of satire by my good friend Neal in response to this post by Fregmonto.

New American and why we should bomb England

Firstly I would like to say I approve of the new American we've got to replace Neal. She has offered to challenge him to mortal combat to win our hearts. I'm taking bets, Megan Nu-Ju (Max's title) is at $1.03 and Neal's blown out to $251. She's from San Francisco, the city of sin in the eyes of Iowans, and is Neal's nemesis in every way. I'm glad that the school has stopped discriminating against personal hygeine by finding a replacement for Neal. (No offense Neal, but I suspect from your ruddy features and constant heammoroging that you have Ebola.)

In a related topic, this time in agreeance with Neal, I have come to the logical conclusion that the only way we can bring about a world free of discrimination and nuclear weapons is to bomb all the countries with nuclear weapons. I vote that we start with England because it is rainy and I have relatives there who are part of the National Front. I think we have to accept that England (like Neal) is past its use-by date and for its own sake must be put down. Only then will we achieve our anarcho-syndicalist utopia. Gather your explosives comrades!
posted by lokomotiv moscow at 6/17/2004 04:47:35 PM

NealPerlman says...
Although the Jewish population is concentrated in New York and California, she is far more likely to be Mexican or black. Plus, she's from the San Francisco area, which is filled with hobos, riff-raff and other draft dodgers which oppose everything that makes America great. These are the type of people who have never tasted a hot dog with real all-American floor sweepings. These are the people who burn flags on Independence Day. These are the type of people who you would find making out in massive homosexual orgies while sharing drug needles. Thank you God for putting AIDS on this planet to strike down this horrible riffraff much as you struck down the residents of Sodom and Megorrah.
I, on the other hand, am an upstanding Iowan, the heart of America, the true Americans. Iowa has sent proportionally the most troops to I-raq to save that country from Mohammedians and other infidels. I drive an American automobile to save our country from being taken over by Asians, and use the local bank branch to keep the Jewish overlords from stealing my money.
America is the land of oppurtunity, and people like that Californian interloper want to destroy that.
Why should you be worried, living down here in Australia? There shall come a time, when Martians invade the Earth, and the hippies of the San Francisco Bay Area will have taken all of our nukes destined for real purpose (such as experimentation on whales) and used them on genetically engineered crops, and then what. What will we do? We shall perish. No, the answer is clear. Take Saddam Hussein, the city of San Francisco, and Tasmania, and blow them to bits with a nuke. Heck, we'll still have 3290983 more.
Plus, I was in wrestling for five years, and I have glasses so she couldn't hit me, so I would win.

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