Sunday, January 09, 2005

Link whoring and what I've found on returning to Australia

Agent FareEvader getting sexed byMs Fits

Le Driver looking at fish without me

Andrew Bartlett talking about Whitlam and getting indignant about Andrew Bolt calling Team America a validation and vindication of Conservative politics

Knifey dreaming of being a girl and playing with excited dogs

John Quiggin talking about extending the world's generosity past the tsunami

The Age talking to Natalie Portman

The Chaser reporting on
Yushchenko vowing never to eat KFC again. 'Who'd have guessed one of the eleven secret herbs and spices would be dioxin?”

Robert Corr becoming a creative commie in opposition to Bill Gates

Ausculture reviving the long lost nickname 'old rice and monkey nuts'

A new blog springing up under the name of AnonymousLefty

Darp continuing the battle against the PYL

Melbourne Grogblogging being held at an overage venue giving me a convenient excuse not to go

Suki reporting on a helicopter with a band aid

Ms Cynic becoming the main character in a hot, new, soon to be written novel

John Howard not updating his blog, arse

Nadine posting about sex and the magic faraway tree

The Daily Flute having moved his Flutiness

Fulmination Dave being a nerd

Palmer analysing the polls

TSP long having completed his 1000 hottest songs

More Australian Ramblings reviewing 2004

Kate presenting her summer in mix tape form

Nic White telling us about God's lack of involvement in the tsunami and more old rice and monkey nuts

Buck Fudd also reviewing 2004

Sherriff reviews places he's had sex

The End

Sorry if you're not in there, I was either too lazy or I couldn't think of anything interesting to say.

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