Friday, January 28, 2005

I know this is cheap but...

You may remember a while ago I posted some confessions from this site. I just rediscovered it and it is soo funny I had to share some.

My friend says he saw a leprauchaun, but I think he's full of shit.

a girl 3 years younger than me gave me oral sex and i dont even talk to her anymore

i once filled up a bathtub with warm water and 2 large bags of dry dog food and laid in it for about an hour one time. funny thing was i didnt regret doing it but am secretly embarrassed about it.

i think religion is a big lie some guy started a long time that bad?
i mean it feels like religion is there to make death seem less painful
but i feel when u die...u die...nothing to it...there is no god...if there was a god y would there be suffering...he could jus make it all he jus toying with us?

The only reason I associate with women is so I can have sex with them.

about two years ago i got horny due to the lack of attention from my current girlfriend, and proceded to jacking off in a bannana

My boyfriend cut his hair over the weekend. It used to be down to his shoulders and unbelievably sexy. Today his dad forced him to cut it, it is now to the tops of his ears. The only remnants of his long, gorgeous hair is his bangs. He looks terrible. I should be able to look past his horrible haircut and see my joshie, but all I see is this guy I'm stuck with, with no attraction to now. I am a conceited bitch and I hope I die. sorry joshie..

i download music, then i listen to it. after that, if its good ill say to myself, "ok its good, ill buy the CD" but i never do.

i know it's ridiculous, but i love you... no one has ever made me feel the way i do than when i am with you. the only thing is i could never say it until you said it, because i'm afraid that that will push you away and make you think that it is stupid since we are only in high school. it's true though, i love you

My dad took me in to the living room when i was about 15 to tell me that there was "nothing to worry about" and "nothing that i needed to say to my mother, no need to upset her" and to "make sure i was ok", and told me that he'd been sleeping with his best friend's daughter. She was pretty hot, so it was a strange mix of disgust and jealousy that i felt.

i actually think im an alcoholic. my parents do too but i deny it to them. i wish i could just get back with my ex bf. he was amazing and had such a lovely penis. it wasnt amazing huge but it was perfectly formed. i think about him all the time. i know i shouldnt seeing as it was me who split but i cant help it any longer. im such a dick. i hate the major lil miss perfect IT girl at school. every1 always goes on about how its impossible to hate her coz she so lovely to everyone but shes so fake and up her own ass. i wish she would just get laid so she would stop looking down on me and thinking im a slag. even tho she hasnt said it, i know she thinks it. damn the bitch.

I hate my boss Chris. I think it is because I have feelings for him and want to give him a bj.

Is this gay? I mean, I only want to try it once...

I was going down on this fat chick last week (whom I was only with because I hadn't had sex in a while, and I knew she'd do practically anything -- fat girls DO try harder), and I found myself watching the snooker on the TV out of the corner of my eye.

Even though I recognise my moral depravity, I feel strangely good about all this.

Thats enough for today. God I love that site.
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