Sunday, January 09, 2005

The golden days of m3r and Ludowyke

Well I was looking through my nedstats for the m3r site as I do every now and then to see if people still go there and I found this little link as a referral site. Following the links off this site I was pleasently reminded of an amusing incident with the man himself.

I must say looking back at the archives, there was some funny funny stuff in there. *reminisces*

I'm afraid this may be a series of nostalgic reposts. So much funny stuff, needs to be exposed to a wider audience but if there isn't much response I'll have to acknowledge that i'm being way too self indulgent and just post a few links instead.

Ludowyke Discriminates

Ok here's the deal. Fregmonto and i having been let out of italian early, ventured downstairs to see what was hapenning. And there was like this eating disorder resource manual for schools being lauched in the theatre. There were in fact two ministers attending this event,the honourable Bronwyn Pike minister for health and the publicity hungry Jacinta Allan the minister for Education Services and Employment & Youth Affairs. So anyway Freg and i sneak in there and check out what's going on. I grab a pamphlet type thing to see what its about. We've arrived at the end of the presentation. But there's still all these TV cameras there interviewing people, they were at that moment interviewing Bronwyn, So Freg and I walk past behind her. and lo and behold there's a split second clip of me walking behind her on the news that night. But anyway we go over and hang out with Claire and Pearl and such who were there to look pretty for pictures. Now here's the descrimination. So we're all in the theatre waiting to be interviewed for channel 7, the token male student has nicked off, so its left up to me or Freg to fill his place. Freg says this to Ludo, and hes all like 'sure just line up behind Claire and stuff'. Then i'm like, i know i'm using the word like a lot, its like totally hilar, anyway i step in but then I realise i have to go do some chem homework with Alex or i'll get killed by the crazy croatian teacher who likes to tell us that she's very disapointed with us at whatever opportunity she gets. So i say 'Hey Fregs more articulate anyway, i'll be off' So I walk off and Freg takes my place. And at this moment unbeknownst to me Ludowyke realises that Freg is actually kind of scruffy looking, carrying round his shostakovich CD with a stale bread roll and an orange balanced on top, tearing off pieces of the roll and getting crumbs all over himself. So anyway Ludowykes like 'fuck I can't give the TV people this weirdo to interview' so he makes up this bullshit excuse that, Freg needs parental permission to be interviewed. Obviously this is a fallacy as Claire was shown on the news later that night getting interviewed and she tells me that Ludowyke just grabbed her off the stairs and told her to come and be part of it that day. Discrimination I say.


lokomotiv moscow said...

Max got Ludowyke's reason completely wrong, but he did discriminate. The real reason that he did so, was he saw the shostakovich CD and he thought "Ahh, he supports the communists in Russia (Ludowyke's still stuck in the cold war) I better not let him talk to the eating disorder people or he'll expose our seedy connections to the corporate junkfood behemoths" All true, and connected to the young liberals and maths too. More information will come.

As an interesting footnote to the government ministers part of this post see here. Also I regained my respect for Jacinta Allan after I witnessed her laying the smackdown on the opposition education spokesman, whoever that fat fuck is.

communists Mcdonalds and young liberals

As reported by Max I was discriminated against by Ludowyke because of my links to soviet composers (See my comment on his post) . I have since done some research and found that the school has been hijacked by young liberals who want to make us all fat with junk food.

1.Teishan's young liberals are influencing the staff and are getting media to come to the school next term.

2. Reports on the news have shown footballers have been sponsoring mcdonalds in school

3. The recent film Super size me has exposed the link between conservative governments and fastfood

4. John Howard doesn't want to do anything about junk food

Ludowyke knows that communists are all fit because otherwise Stalin and Mao would have killed them and that fatness is a symptom of capitalism. The Liberals are making us fat so that our brains will slow down and we'll vote for thwem.

posted by lokomotiv moscow at 6/25/2004 05:27:03 PM

Fully % Hilar

Hey chek this out guys. If Ludowyke tries to google himself look what page comes up as number 1.

Well my friends now if Ludowyke tries to google himself look what comes up as number one. This. Yes our dear principal is leaving us to go to a better place. He will be missed (especially if the mother of coat hanger girl takes over, grrrr) Apparently Hart's parents know his replacement though and she is fresh.

Also have left a new post on m3r, only really of interest to old m3r fellows.
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