Thursday, January 13, 2005

Far too lazy

I've realised that i'm far too lazy to write a real post about this subject. And I applaud Chelsea Peretti's commitment in actually following through on what she's said (yet to be fully evidenced though). I will say that Aid definetly has its place in the world and its absoloutley vital to hundreds of thousands of people today. But it does have it's limitations. Have a look at this article by Arundhati Roy. Aid in effect is something of a propaganda tool, so are calls to cancel developing countries' debts. As I've said in the comments box of the post below, the best way to alleviate global poverty is through fair trade. George Monbiot in his book The Age of Consent resurrects the the idea of one of the world's geniuses John Maynard Keynes; the international debt clearing house. I'm sure you can find out mor about these ideas through an internet search. I have to stop writing now as I have a splitting headache.
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