Friday, January 07, 2005


Well I'm back from nam. Flew in around midday today. And goddamn is it cold. It's like winter out there. I was expecting temperatures in the high 30's but my sources tell me that its been like this all summer. It is a welcome change from the humidity of the tropics. I always get a great feeling when arriving home from overseas. Its not as if there weren't any Aussies in Vietnam, there were, lots of them. But it's just something about the light in Australia that you don't get anywhere else. So Vietnam was excellent. I really have a lot of respect and admiration for the vietnamese people, after going through what was practically a genocidal war they've emerged from it still dragging behind some unpleasent politics but overall they're the friendliest most accomdating best humoured people you could imagine.
Initially from reading the paper I got a favourable impression about the direction the governement was heading. Poverty down economic growth up etc. But the newspaper was a propaganda piece, nopt entirely of course, I'm sure 95% of it was actually true but you didn't see a whole lot of bad news reported in there. The most striking thing about the politics in Vietnam is the massive north-south split, there is still a sense of a northern occupation of the south and the douth vietnamese are either old south vietnamese army fighters, people that have been adversely affected by the communist takeover or betrayed NLF fighters who've been forced to cede power to the North and then we have their children who on the surface are only interested in economic development issues rather that democracy or any political idealism, but the fact is Democracyh is coming to Vietnam its inevitable. They have MTV. Whcih I must write about tomorrow.
Sorry for the lack of editing, I'm tired.
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