Friday, January 28, 2005

I know this is cheap but...

You may remember a while ago I posted some confessions from this site. I just rediscovered it and it is soo funny I had to share some.

My friend says he saw a leprauchaun, but I think he's full of shit.

a girl 3 years younger than me gave me oral sex and i dont even talk to her anymore

i once filled up a bathtub with warm water and 2 large bags of dry dog food and laid in it for about an hour one time. funny thing was i didnt regret doing it but am secretly embarrassed about it.

i think religion is a big lie some guy started a long time that bad?
i mean it feels like religion is there to make death seem less painful
but i feel when u die...u die...nothing to it...there is no god...if there was a god y would there be suffering...he could jus make it all he jus toying with us?

The only reason I associate with women is so I can have sex with them.

about two years ago i got horny due to the lack of attention from my current girlfriend, and proceded to jacking off in a bannana

My boyfriend cut his hair over the weekend. It used to be down to his shoulders and unbelievably sexy. Today his dad forced him to cut it, it is now to the tops of his ears. The only remnants of his long, gorgeous hair is his bangs. He looks terrible. I should be able to look past his horrible haircut and see my joshie, but all I see is this guy I'm stuck with, with no attraction to now. I am a conceited bitch and I hope I die. sorry joshie..

i download music, then i listen to it. after that, if its good ill say to myself, "ok its good, ill buy the CD" but i never do.

i know it's ridiculous, but i love you... no one has ever made me feel the way i do than when i am with you. the only thing is i could never say it until you said it, because i'm afraid that that will push you away and make you think that it is stupid since we are only in high school. it's true though, i love you

My dad took me in to the living room when i was about 15 to tell me that there was "nothing to worry about" and "nothing that i needed to say to my mother, no need to upset her" and to "make sure i was ok", and told me that he'd been sleeping with his best friend's daughter. She was pretty hot, so it was a strange mix of disgust and jealousy that i felt.

i actually think im an alcoholic. my parents do too but i deny it to them. i wish i could just get back with my ex bf. he was amazing and had such a lovely penis. it wasnt amazing huge but it was perfectly formed. i think about him all the time. i know i shouldnt seeing as it was me who split but i cant help it any longer. im such a dick. i hate the major lil miss perfect IT girl at school. every1 always goes on about how its impossible to hate her coz she so lovely to everyone but shes so fake and up her own ass. i wish she would just get laid so she would stop looking down on me and thinking im a slag. even tho she hasnt said it, i know she thinks it. damn the bitch.

I hate my boss Chris. I think it is because I have feelings for him and want to give him a bj.

Is this gay? I mean, I only want to try it once...

I was going down on this fat chick last week (whom I was only with because I hadn't had sex in a while, and I knew she'd do practically anything -- fat girls DO try harder), and I found myself watching the snooker on the TV out of the corner of my eye.

Even though I recognise my moral depravity, I feel strangely good about all this.

Thats enough for today. God I love that site.

So long Franja, we hardly knew ye.

Yes indeed. Everyone's favourite croatian chemistry teacher has been fired or at least asked to move on. The school keeps getting better and better. Phat principal, new classrooms, fired Franja, Nolan gone to a catholic school in werribee or something, and I heard a rumour that Forster was leaving but I won't get my hopes up about that. Anyway, I won't compose a song but here for your enjoyment is a list of some of Zlata Franja's choice quotes:

'I don't eat very often. I will be OK after 7th period today.'

'We done something today, even if I'm dead already.'

'If you dissapoint me I will kill you.'

'In my culture we don't apologise.'

'Today I can't even see with my glasses, probably I should sleep more.'

'I swear I'll kill everyone and everything.'

'Read questions 3 times, answer only once.'

'Sometimes I don't have 100% of my brain, probably because I didn't sleep.'

How do I post over the fold?

How do I make a fold? Anyway I got this by email from the wildfirejo list. Here it is in full until I work out how to make a fold.

A Brief Guide to the Iraqi Elections

1. Iraqis are voting not for a party or an individual
but for a list.
• There are a very few individuals and parties
standing as such but the majority are part of lists.
There is, for example, a ‘main Shia list’ and several
other Shia lists, some Kurdish lists, and so on.
• The lists contain, between them, over 7000
candidates, many of whom are not even named for
security reasons.
• That means people are more or less compelled to vote
not according to the credibility or policies of a
person or party but for an ethic group, a national
group or a religious faction.

2. Iraqi people have no opportunity to elect their
president or prime minister.
• The elections will create a 275 member National
Assembly which will select a 3 member presidency
council, which in turn will select a prime minister.
It’s assumed, but nowhere stated in the ‘transitional
law’ that these selections would come from among the
275 elected members.

3. None of the elected members of the National
Assembly will represent a locality.
• Former US viceroy Paul Bremer decided the entire
country should be a single constituency so the
electoral system creates a national proportional
• Anyone who gets a 275th of the vote will get a seat,
regardless of how many others are elected from their
city or province.
• The system creates a likelihood of
over-representation at the national level for groups
which turn out in high numbers. For example, in
Kurdistan, where security is much better and people
are more in favour of the elections, far more people
are likely to vote, giving the Kurds greater
representation than their numbers warrant. Of course,
they were unrepresented, to all intents and purposes,
for decades (thanks to Winston Churchill and all who
followed him) but the solution isn’t to simply shift
the inequalities.

4. Large areas of the country are not expected to be
able to vote.
• Interim leader Ayad Allawi stated that there are 4
provinces where the security situation militates
against voting – he didn’t mention that they include
Baghdad, and up to half of the population.
• The people of Falluja have not been registered to
vote or given voting cards.
• A lot of Iraqis believe that a lot of the attacks
and unrest have been orchestrated by the occupying
forces using covert operations, stock-in-trade of both
the interim prime-minister Allawi and the current US
viceroy (‘Ambassador’) John Negroponte. The areas
where security ‘militates against voting’ are those
where voters can’t be relied on to vote for someone
• There’s been intimidation in some areas – Felicity
Arbuthnot reported a case of a family visited by their
local shopkeeper who asked for their ration book ‘for
safekeeping’. Ration books are needed as ID for voters
and the family refused. Later the shopkeeper came back
in tears – he’d been threatened, on his family’s
lives, to collect all the ration books.

5. The rules for polling and who can or can’t be a
candidate were set, essentially, by the US.
• Rules were set by the Independent Iraqi Electoral
Commission, or some similar arrangement of those
words. The group, bar one or perhaps two members, were
appointed by Paul Bremer, before handing over “power”
in June.
• The Commission has absolute power to bar any
candidate or organisation. It has banned a number of
candidates but is so secretive that nobody knows who
has been forbidden or for what reason. There’s been no
due process, no establishing a case against a
candidate before barring.
• Candidates and organisations taking part have to
swear allegiance to Bremer's law
• One of the bars is “moral turpitude”. That in itself
is not unusual- many countries don’t allow a person
with certain convictions, for example, from standing.
The bar does not, though, apply to either Ahmed
Chalabi, a US appointee to the interim government who
has been convicted (in his absence) of massive fraud,
or Ayad Allawi, US-appointed interim prime minister,
who was a covert CIA operative commanding bombings
including a school bus and a cinema in Iraq during
Saddam’s rule.

6. Expat voters are expected to decide the result.
• A huge number of people living outside Iraq will be
allowed to vote. There are 3 polling stations in the
UK, several in the US and others in fourteen countries
around the world. Contacting of expats to invite them
to register appears to have been selective.
• The UN opposed the expat vote as highly vulnerable
to fraud but the election planners chose not to
• Because expat voters don’t face the security risks
of Iraqis in-country, a higher proportion of those
eligible are expected to turn out.
• It’s a bit unclear exactly what are the criteria for
being allowed to vote but it appears to be possible
even for people who have never lived in Iraq but whose
parents did.

7. Certain parties and individuals have also been
funded by the US.
• The International Republican Institute, an
organisation linked to the US Republican party has
been funding certain groups in their campaigning,
giving a massive advantage.
• It is also believed to be organising the exit polls.
• It orchestrated, among other things, the coup in

8. Whoever wins, the occupation will go on.
• The US has built enormous bases in Iraq which it has
no intention of withdrawing from.
• The US has already spent more than $100,000,000,000
on the war in Iraq – that’s a hundred thousand million
to most of us, a billion to the US. Bush is requesting
another 80 thousand million dollars to carry on.
• US officials, mainly remaining anonymous, have made
it abundantly clear that the elections are free only
within the parameters set by the US government. The US
is prepared to ‘tolerate’ a limited form of theocracy,
according to one.
• Iraqi candidates are aware that there are ‘red
lines’ as an unnamed Shia official put it – the
election winners will not be at liberty to set any
policy they choose.

9. The new government is already bound.
• The next plebiscite (on a permanent constitution)
has to be held under Bremer's law too: any three of
the eighteen governorates can veto the constitution,
even if the constitution wins 90% of the total vote.
• It was unlawful for Bremer or the occupying powers
to enact any laws, because an occupier is not allowed
to change the laws of the country seized.
Nevertheless, Bremer ruled, and the interim governing
council signed into law, that everything in Iraq is to
be privatised, open to 100% foreign ownership or at
least foreign leasehold for forty years. That includes
resources, amenities and public services.
• Because of the lack of security, little has yet been
sold off but the law, though illegitimate, is
expressed as binding on future governments.
• Iraq is the most indebted country in the world in
terms of its debt to export ratio. Saddam’s wars built
up massive debts, now at $180 billion. Western
countries and the IMF were happy too carry on funding
Saddam with loans and to sell him weapons, including
the chemical weapons and related hardware to attack
the Kurds. Added to that are compensation claims ($30
bn) from the invasion of Kuwait, mainly ‘owed’ to
incredibly wealthy oil companies and such like. Now,
with the constant addition of compound interest
throughout the sanctions, when Iraq was unable to pay
off any debts at all, the debt is immense.
• The Paris Club and others have agreed to a package
of debt relief which is linked to a programme of
‘structural adjustment’ whereby Iraq has to follow
Argentina, Romania and others into disastrous policies
of global capitalism. 30% of debt relief is
unconditional, 30% depends on adopting a ‘standard IMF
policy’ and 20% hangs on a three year review of
implementation of the IMF policy. Iraq hasn’t got any
bargaining power to resist.
• Two of the IMF’s conditions are the ‘opening up’
(read cheap sell off to Bush’s pals) of the Iraqi oil
industry and the rollback of the food ration,
currently the only major social welfare programme,
presumably because it means people with no money get
stuff free instead of paying for it. The leading
candidates have agreed to all this – that’s why they
got the money to become leading candidates.
• The debts left over after the promised, but
conditional, relief are still more than enough to keep
Iraq in servitude for many, many decades to come.

10. Iraq has no free press.
• Allawi and co issued a rule that the press have to
publish versions of events which put the government’s
point of view.
• Press ‘disrespect’ to Allawi is banned.
• Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiya and an unknown number of
smaller outlets have been banned already for refusing
to conform.

11. The Iraqi people fought for this election.
• Last year, Iraqi people held massive demonstrations
for elections. Other demonstrations had been fired on
by coalition troops so it’s no exaggeration to say
people risked their lives for elections.
• It was only when they realised they faced unrest
from thousands and thousands of ordinary people,
including the ethnic and geographical groups which had
been quiet till then, that the occupying powers backed
down and started working on ways to distort the
election and turn it to their advantage.
• Opposition is nation-wide to the distortions imposed
on the election. Thousands of anti-occupation
activists are being arrested across Iraq (under
martial law).
• Though the preferable option, clearly, must be an
end to the occupation, there were demands from the
Iraqi National Foundation Congress – a far more
representative group than the interim government,
never mind the electoral commissioners, that would
have made the elections substantially more fair:
1. That the elections are supervised by a commission
of figures with known credentials of impartiality and
integrity, internationally and in the Arab and Islamic
2. That this commission supervises all the local
committees in all phases of the elections.
3. That essential changes are made to the still
anonymous Permanent Election Commission¹ appointed by
the American ex-governor contrary to any criteria of
transparency and integrity. As a minimum:
a. to include a representative from each competing
b. to include a number of Iraqi active and veteran
judges with known integrity
c. to remove the right to arbitrarily bar any
candidate in the election except through
legal process of incrimination.
4. That measures are taken to ensure safe and fair
conduct of elections in all cities and country towns
as follows:
a. an immediate halt to all military operations
against towns and neighbourhood.
b. withdrawal of all occupation forces from all
towns and neighbourhoods at least
one month before election date.
c. release of all political prisoners regardless o
their political affiliation especially
those not specifically charged.

…with thanks to Dahr Jamail, Ewa Jasiewicz, Gabriel
Carlyle from Voices in the Wilderness and countless
friends in Iraq for helping me make sense of it all.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Julia Gillard in hot lesbian action search term-gate

Someon came to this site via this site. That is all.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Shit man shit.

Well it's 1 am on sunday morning. I'm going to canberra on monday morning beacuse my fantastical cousin has been nominated for the young australian of the year. Getting back on wednesday night. School starts on thursday. I have 150 pages to go of 'The Dressmaker' and then I have to write a 600-800 word review of it. And if you do the maths all of this must be done tomorrow. Plus I have a chapter of Italian homework to do. Wish me luck.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I thought I was nerdier

Friday, January 21, 2005

Actual good news that i'm possibly excited about

Yeah. I'm glad Latham died. We could actually be in for a good leader, Latham did really badly since the election and to be honest he should have done better, he lost the election badly. He had some good policies but he didn't sell them and he didn't get rid of Howard for us. He was sick after the elcetion. Now we have a choice, now of course i would orgasm repeatedly if Gillard got elected but I wouldn't mind if Rudd won either. We can't afford another Beazley loss. He's an old tired man. Oh my.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Ok the person that can find me the best wallpaper for my desktop gets a whole post and massive linkage devoted to them.

In other news Spinach7 in its current incarnation is no more. Sad.

Bob Ellis in Adbusters!

Hotness. I'd now like to offer my preferences for the leader of the ALP based on the current viable options.

1. Tillops
2. Julia Gillard
3. Kevin Rudd
4. Anyone but Beazley

I hate that fat bastard. I'm as of now starting the ABB - anyone but Beazley camp. Please join me.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Ok guys, now that I have the new computer I need to get software. Any reccomendations at all are most welcome. I'm particularly interested in what program to use for P2P file sharing. But anything else that is your must-use, must-have software program tell me.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

PHSC update

We'll have Maragaret Lacey as principal for a term next year.She's the old principal of Moreland City College. This is a really sad story but she doesn't sound too bad.

Borat stikes again.

Far too lazy

I've realised that i'm far too lazy to write a real post about this subject. And I applaud Chelsea Peretti's commitment in actually following through on what she's said (yet to be fully evidenced though). I will say that Aid definetly has its place in the world and its absoloutley vital to hundreds of thousands of people today. But it does have it's limitations. Have a look at this article by Arundhati Roy. Aid in effect is something of a propaganda tool, so are calls to cancel developing countries' debts. As I've said in the comments box of the post below, the best way to alleviate global poverty is through fair trade. George Monbiot in his book The Age of Consent resurrects the the idea of one of the world's geniuses John Maynard Keynes; the international debt clearing house. I'm sure you can find out mor about these ideas through an internet search. I have to stop writing now as I have a splitting headache.


I'm pretty sure Ishita Acharrya just googled herself and found this post by me. Congrats on your 43 for Japanese though Ishita.

Here she is. on the right.
She's ugly and I want to make the lesbian fingerbang fuck with her?
respond damn you piece of Ishita. Hahaha
(I realise that i'm futilely trying to provoke an MAB style attack from her, but it was worth a try)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm going to brazenly steal this idea!

Commission a Post.
The basic idea is that you tell me your special area of interest and what type of post you would link to in your blog and I will fulfill your wildest fantasy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I knew his name was pronounced goff

Gough Whitlam was born in Kew, one of Melbourne's wealthier suburbs. (He has always been known by his middle name, which is pronounced Goff.) - Wikipedia

There's this teacher at our school who's a big fan and he swears the proper pronounciation is gochh like he's coughing up phlegm. Very amusing. If you ever meet a Sasha/Sacha Robertson try and get him to say it. We also have a highly literate canadian teacher who's doing his PHD who says 'ecscape'.
Whilst we were in Vietnam one of the tour guides we had referred to people 'ploffing' the field. What we realised eventually was that he'd seen that the word cough was pronounced coff so logically the word ploughing was pronounced ploffing.

Commie rats.

An interesting piece by Louis Nowra, the well respected australian playwright who Authored one of our texts last year, Cosi. via John Quiggin.
In part this is an answer to my Che Guevara question. I guess he was an arsehole after all. I think the reason why it is still seen as acceptable to have communist leaders portrayed without the stigma of a fascist leader is the same reason why many left liberals in the world support the UN, of course in practice it's a piece of shit but there are noble ideals behind them whereas for fascism there are no such ideals that would be seen as politically appropriate at the moment.

UPDATE: David McKnight has a very good answering piece.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Neal in the snow.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

New Computer

Getting a new computer finally after having this old hunk of crap for 5 years its' definitely time to get a new one. Here are some specs I think I want but am not quite sure what they all mean:

CPU 3.2 + GHZ eithet Pentium 4c or SMD Athlon 3400+ with an FSB of at leat 800 and capable of HT

RAM 1 GB 3000DDR400 or PC3200

3d card- Nvidia GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X700 Pro

Hard Drive- 240 gb RAID or SATA

Fast Ethernet
Dual layer DVD burner- multiformat
4 USB ports
Firewire Port
Integrated HD Audio

If anyone wants to explain to me what this all means, be my guest, particularly the numbers and acronyms part. Other comments on what I want/need and don't want/need are also welcome.

State politics

I think I may spend more time talking about state politics as its far more interesting and less depressing than federal politics at the moment + I plan to make use of my hot contacts.
In Crikey today I recieved this shocking news:
'The Bracks government in Victoria, incompetent but less scandal-prone, is doing better, but it too is behind for the first time, 51% to 49%. That's a swing of about 9 per cent.'
Dear lord man what the hell happened here? What kind of Victorian would even think of voting for this little pile of snot
Robert Doyle

There are now only 24 coalition members in the 88 seat Legislative Assembly, and this is how it should damn well stay. They're arseholes, complete cocks, if you were comparing them to federal members they'd all be Alexander Downers. Half of them have grey hair! Half!

Link whoring and what I've found on returning to Australia

Agent FareEvader getting sexed byMs Fits

Le Driver looking at fish without me

Andrew Bartlett talking about Whitlam and getting indignant about Andrew Bolt calling Team America a validation and vindication of Conservative politics

Knifey dreaming of being a girl and playing with excited dogs

John Quiggin talking about extending the world's generosity past the tsunami

The Age talking to Natalie Portman

The Chaser reporting on
Yushchenko vowing never to eat KFC again. 'Who'd have guessed one of the eleven secret herbs and spices would be dioxin?”

Robert Corr becoming a creative commie in opposition to Bill Gates

Ausculture reviving the long lost nickname 'old rice and monkey nuts'

A new blog springing up under the name of AnonymousLefty

Darp continuing the battle against the PYL

Melbourne Grogblogging being held at an overage venue giving me a convenient excuse not to go

Suki reporting on a helicopter with a band aid

Ms Cynic becoming the main character in a hot, new, soon to be written novel

John Howard not updating his blog, arse

Nadine posting about sex and the magic faraway tree

The Daily Flute having moved his Flutiness

Fulmination Dave being a nerd

Palmer analysing the polls

TSP long having completed his 1000 hottest songs

More Australian Ramblings reviewing 2004

Kate presenting her summer in mix tape form

Nic White telling us about God's lack of involvement in the tsunami and more old rice and monkey nuts

Buck Fudd also reviewing 2004

Sherriff reviews places he's had sex

The End

Sorry if you're not in there, I was either too lazy or I couldn't think of anything interesting to say.

Memory Block

Trawling throught the m3r archives I also found this (03)9292 2000 Andrew Bolt's phone number. I have no memory of anyone doing anything with it but maybe it doesn't work, apparently it goes through to his Personal assistant first.

Something else I found was an amusing piece of satire by my good friend Neal in response to this post by Fregmonto.

New American and why we should bomb England

Firstly I would like to say I approve of the new American we've got to replace Neal. She has offered to challenge him to mortal combat to win our hearts. I'm taking bets, Megan Nu-Ju (Max's title) is at $1.03 and Neal's blown out to $251. She's from San Francisco, the city of sin in the eyes of Iowans, and is Neal's nemesis in every way. I'm glad that the school has stopped discriminating against personal hygeine by finding a replacement for Neal. (No offense Neal, but I suspect from your ruddy features and constant heammoroging that you have Ebola.)

In a related topic, this time in agreeance with Neal, I have come to the logical conclusion that the only way we can bring about a world free of discrimination and nuclear weapons is to bomb all the countries with nuclear weapons. I vote that we start with England because it is rainy and I have relatives there who are part of the National Front. I think we have to accept that England (like Neal) is past its use-by date and for its own sake must be put down. Only then will we achieve our anarcho-syndicalist utopia. Gather your explosives comrades!
posted by lokomotiv moscow at 6/17/2004 04:47:35 PM

NealPerlman says...
Although the Jewish population is concentrated in New York and California, she is far more likely to be Mexican or black. Plus, she's from the San Francisco area, which is filled with hobos, riff-raff and other draft dodgers which oppose everything that makes America great. These are the type of people who have never tasted a hot dog with real all-American floor sweepings. These are the people who burn flags on Independence Day. These are the type of people who you would find making out in massive homosexual orgies while sharing drug needles. Thank you God for putting AIDS on this planet to strike down this horrible riffraff much as you struck down the residents of Sodom and Megorrah.
I, on the other hand, am an upstanding Iowan, the heart of America, the true Americans. Iowa has sent proportionally the most troops to I-raq to save that country from Mohammedians and other infidels. I drive an American automobile to save our country from being taken over by Asians, and use the local bank branch to keep the Jewish overlords from stealing my money.
America is the land of oppurtunity, and people like that Californian interloper want to destroy that.
Why should you be worried, living down here in Australia? There shall come a time, when Martians invade the Earth, and the hippies of the San Francisco Bay Area will have taken all of our nukes destined for real purpose (such as experimentation on whales) and used them on genetically engineered crops, and then what. What will we do? We shall perish. No, the answer is clear. Take Saddam Hussein, the city of San Francisco, and Tasmania, and blow them to bits with a nuke. Heck, we'll still have 3290983 more.
Plus, I was in wrestling for five years, and I have glasses so she couldn't hit me, so I would win.

The golden days of m3r and Ludowyke

Well I was looking through my nedstats for the m3r site as I do every now and then to see if people still go there and I found this little link as a referral site. Following the links off this site I was pleasently reminded of an amusing incident with the man himself.

I must say looking back at the archives, there was some funny funny stuff in there. *reminisces*

I'm afraid this may be a series of nostalgic reposts. So much funny stuff, needs to be exposed to a wider audience but if there isn't much response I'll have to acknowledge that i'm being way too self indulgent and just post a few links instead.

Ludowyke Discriminates

Ok here's the deal. Fregmonto and i having been let out of italian early, ventured downstairs to see what was hapenning. And there was like this eating disorder resource manual for schools being lauched in the theatre. There were in fact two ministers attending this event,the honourable Bronwyn Pike minister for health and the publicity hungry Jacinta Allan the minister for Education Services and Employment & Youth Affairs. So anyway Freg and i sneak in there and check out what's going on. I grab a pamphlet type thing to see what its about. We've arrived at the end of the presentation. But there's still all these TV cameras there interviewing people, they were at that moment interviewing Bronwyn, So Freg and I walk past behind her. and lo and behold there's a split second clip of me walking behind her on the news that night. But anyway we go over and hang out with Claire and Pearl and such who were there to look pretty for pictures. Now here's the descrimination. So we're all in the theatre waiting to be interviewed for channel 7, the token male student has nicked off, so its left up to me or Freg to fill his place. Freg says this to Ludo, and hes all like 'sure just line up behind Claire and stuff'. Then i'm like, i know i'm using the word like a lot, its like totally hilar, anyway i step in but then I realise i have to go do some chem homework with Alex or i'll get killed by the crazy croatian teacher who likes to tell us that she's very disapointed with us at whatever opportunity she gets. So i say 'Hey Fregs more articulate anyway, i'll be off' So I walk off and Freg takes my place. And at this moment unbeknownst to me Ludowyke realises that Freg is actually kind of scruffy looking, carrying round his shostakovich CD with a stale bread roll and an orange balanced on top, tearing off pieces of the roll and getting crumbs all over himself. So anyway Ludowykes like 'fuck I can't give the TV people this weirdo to interview' so he makes up this bullshit excuse that, Freg needs parental permission to be interviewed. Obviously this is a fallacy as Claire was shown on the news later that night getting interviewed and she tells me that Ludowyke just grabbed her off the stairs and told her to come and be part of it that day. Discrimination I say.


lokomotiv moscow said...

Max got Ludowyke's reason completely wrong, but he did discriminate. The real reason that he did so, was he saw the shostakovich CD and he thought "Ahh, he supports the communists in Russia (Ludowyke's still stuck in the cold war) I better not let him talk to the eating disorder people or he'll expose our seedy connections to the corporate junkfood behemoths" All true, and connected to the young liberals and maths too. More information will come.

As an interesting footnote to the government ministers part of this post see here. Also I regained my respect for Jacinta Allan after I witnessed her laying the smackdown on the opposition education spokesman, whoever that fat fuck is.

communists Mcdonalds and young liberals

As reported by Max I was discriminated against by Ludowyke because of my links to soviet composers (See my comment on his post) . I have since done some research and found that the school has been hijacked by young liberals who want to make us all fat with junk food.

1.Teishan's young liberals are influencing the staff and are getting media to come to the school next term.

2. Reports on the news have shown footballers have been sponsoring mcdonalds in school

3. The recent film Super size me has exposed the link between conservative governments and fastfood

4. John Howard doesn't want to do anything about junk food

Ludowyke knows that communists are all fit because otherwise Stalin and Mao would have killed them and that fatness is a symptom of capitalism. The Liberals are making us fat so that our brains will slow down and we'll vote for thwem.

posted by lokomotiv moscow at 6/25/2004 05:27:03 PM

Fully % Hilar

Hey chek this out guys. If Ludowyke tries to google himself look what page comes up as number 1.

Well my friends now if Ludowyke tries to google himself look what comes up as number one. This. Yes our dear principal is leaving us to go to a better place. He will be missed (especially if the mother of coat hanger girl takes over, grrrr) Apparently Hart's parents know his replacement though and she is fresh.

Also have left a new post on m3r, only really of interest to old m3r fellows.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Old rice and monkey nuts



I became a a little obsessed with this woman whilst in Vietnam.

Other things to mention about MTV include the scorchingly brilliant lyrics of the song that was number 1 on the charts whilst I was in the country. I can only put this down to the poor english of many of MTV Asia's viewers, those people with english as their first language who enjoy this song should be ashamed of themselves. Here is a sample:

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you

Do you ever wanna run away?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming

No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels alright
You don't know what it's like to be like me

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked
When you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like

Welcome to my life

I feel sick.

Friday, January 07, 2005


Well I'm back from nam. Flew in around midday today. And goddamn is it cold. It's like winter out there. I was expecting temperatures in the high 30's but my sources tell me that its been like this all summer. It is a welcome change from the humidity of the tropics. I always get a great feeling when arriving home from overseas. Its not as if there weren't any Aussies in Vietnam, there were, lots of them. But it's just something about the light in Australia that you don't get anywhere else. So Vietnam was excellent. I really have a lot of respect and admiration for the vietnamese people, after going through what was practically a genocidal war they've emerged from it still dragging behind some unpleasent politics but overall they're the friendliest most accomdating best humoured people you could imagine.
Initially from reading the paper I got a favourable impression about the direction the governement was heading. Poverty down economic growth up etc. But the newspaper was a propaganda piece, nopt entirely of course, I'm sure 95% of it was actually true but you didn't see a whole lot of bad news reported in there. The most striking thing about the politics in Vietnam is the massive north-south split, there is still a sense of a northern occupation of the south and the douth vietnamese are either old south vietnamese army fighters, people that have been adversely affected by the communist takeover or betrayed NLF fighters who've been forced to cede power to the North and then we have their children who on the surface are only interested in economic development issues rather that democracy or any political idealism, but the fact is Democracyh is coming to Vietnam its inevitable. They have MTV. Whcih I must write about tomorrow.
Sorry for the lack of editing, I'm tired.
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