Friday, December 03, 2004

On Holidays

This holidays have been very very lazy. I've been doing hardly anything. I've had very little in the way of social interactions. I did this last week. I was one of the zombies who got kicked out of David Jones by some plain clothes heavies. Just out of interest have a look at this interview with Kalle Lasn (the adbsters guy). He has a cool accent.
I had a party the other night with a couple of friends. It was meant to be an anti-war/ anti-american themed movie marathon. We had picked out this selection. But we only ended up watching this. Which was fantastic but hardly anti-war or anti-american it was maybe pro-new zealanders or anti-zombies/aliens though. Not sure quite what happened after this. We drank lots of cask wine and various other drinks. We did this and this. We ended up watching this and half of this and a few episodes of Alan Partridge. The rest of the week i've been occupying myself with this and this and precious little else. I've been trying to read that bastard Chomsky but it's helluz depressing. I started reading A doll's house in the hairdressers the other day. She wanted to know why I was going to Vietnam (holiday) and if they celebrated christmas there. 'The asians don't celebrate christmas do they?' I replied ' i'm sure the christian ones do' . To be honest i'm looking forward to not being in this country for christmas for once. Christmas sucks.

Does noone else think that the Ukrainian thing is a little dodgy. Excuse me if I hate freedom but shouldn't we be very wary of any political movement funded and endorsed by the US. John Quiggin seems not to think so, meh. I guess this is more of a cold war type of thing where American interests do actually coincide with democratic movements' interests.
Other things worrying me are; probably just because of that new Che Guevara movie. What is the truth about him? Did he really do these "terrible things". I can't find any information that I could say is reliable. I remember someone saying that he killed homosexuals.

UPDATE: You can always trust the socialists to give an unbiased portrait of the true situation in Ukraine (I'm being 90% serious).
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