Friday, December 10, 2004

In Hanoi

I'm in Hanoi, writing this blog post from the internet cafe at the end of our street. This is my third day here. Not really sure what to say... We went here for lunch today. It was a great place with a great purpose. Here is a picture of the staff. One of the guys that works there is a blogger: Our man in Hanoi. Feels like a complete othere world. Apart from email, I'm completely out of touch. If anything important happens in Australia you'll have to let me know.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I've had an interesting debate/discussion over at Darp's blog. Have a look here. young lib brigade's view was roughly one I had until a few years ago. I remember a clear point of revelation being the finding of this article. And afterwards of course doing more research.

I probably will not post much if at all in the next month as I'm going to Vietnam. So to my 5 regular readers I say please do not abandon this blog. I will be back. Maybe with some pretty pictures for you.

Furl it

Have found this great site via Barista. You can set up your own archives of websites. I love it. You may view my nascent archive here.
Other sites I've found via bloggers today include:
Pornolize via Ruth
Fully % hilar.

Crazy people in cars

This story brought back some bad memories. Of course this woman is a complete psycho but I think a few people are when it comes to their cars. My first run in with an insane driver was when I was in about grade 5. I wrote about it for some school assignment thing so take into account that it was for a conservative school teacher. And I'm not going to be bothered re-editing it to make it any better than the B+ it got.

One of the scariest moments in my life happened one fine spring day in that wonderful year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety eight. My friend Christopher and I were walking back to my house from school. I can’t remember what the weather was like it may have been a tad warm.

So as Christopher and I were walking casually, leisurely down my street I plucked off a large flower from one of the bushes protruding through a fence. Holding this flower in my hand we both spotted a white van coming down the street towards us. Christopher dared me to throw the flower at the van. I was keen to show off my skills so I did but I threw the flower just a bit too soon as I was eager to get a direct hit rather then throwing the flower at the empty space behind the van. Unfortunately the flower was thrown out into the space in front of the truck and for a moment it hung in the air suspended in time. And ‘Wham!’ The windshield of the van smacked straight into the flower or vice versa depending on your interpretation of various rules of physics.

Screeeeeech! The van screeched to a halt as it rolled past us. ‘ Holy shit we both said to ourselves or maybe aloud ‘Run!’ Fortunately my house was a block or so away. We ran as fast as we could faster than we’d ever run in our lives. Pure adrenaline pumping through our veins, minds going crazy with fear. We ran up to my house inside the gate as the van reversed, following us. I plunged my key into the lock of my front door turned and opened the door. Me the idiot that I was couldn’t get the key out of the lock the guy in the van was almost right up along side my house. Chris was already inside the house yelling at me to get the key out and get inside I was so scared that I just couldn’t get the key out so scared that I just abandoned all hope of ever getting it out and left the key inside the front of the lock I came inside and closed the door behind me. ‘You idiot max!’ Chris yelled at me he opened the door and went outside to wrestle with the key. The guy in the van was just outside our house watching. It seemed that Chris was wrestling with that key for an eternity it was probably only ten seconds. But the guy in the van got a good look at him and Chris got a good look at the guy in the van. Chris later told me that the guy was bald. Finally Chris got the key out, came inside and closed the door. I locked it hurriedly. But in my eyes we were still not out of danger. The guy any second now was going to get out of the van and try and break in I thought.

Chris and I ran out to the back yard and hid behind the shed in the snakey grass for about half an hour. Nothing much happened after that the guy probably rang the doorbell a few times but probably went home angry. As for Chris and I both our nerves were shot for that day and we were probably in shock for a couple of days.

For about a year after this I walked along the street parallel to mine to get home and then sprinted up the closest side street to my house to get home. And I still have a terrible fear of bald guys in white vans.

The second incident was also kind of scary. It was quite recent. Me and a couple of friends were walking down a small street with road bumps in it. So as you can imagine the cars driving past were going quite slow. We were eating some cold pizza and one of my friends unbeknownst to me chucks it in the air and it lands on this guy's windscreen who's driving past. He brakes and gets out and starts yelling at us. I think he's a complete nutter as I didn't see the offending bit of pizza being thrown. We just denied throwing anything (me quite genuinely) and he was very angry but he ended up just calling us cunts and driving off.

The third incident was possibly the most disturbing. Me and some friends once again were walking down Moreland road on the way home from school. I for some reason as we were crossing a street behind a car turning into Moreland rd tapped my knuckles against the back of the car on one of those absurd bumper/spoiler I have no idea what they are things on the back of' sporty' cars. So I knock on this then keep walking. The woman pulls up a bit ahead of us, gets out and starts going absolutely psycho. 'Which one of you did this?' anyway events are a bit blurry but she realised it was me and started going completely off at me. I told her to inspect her car and see that there was absolutely no damage whatsoever. But anyway she ended up giving we a really hard wack on the arm. What a bogan. She was probably on her way to the western suburbs to suck some dick for some heroin.

Another vaguely amusing incident like this happened to a guy at our school. There were a bunch of kids on the Lygon st tram coming home and one, this dickhead stoner guy threw a sandwich or something from the tram window at this guy either riding a bike or in a pink car or something, the story has gone around a bit. But the crazy thing was. The guy got all pissed off so he gets off his bike or out of his car or whatever, gets on the tram and tries to find out who threw it. For some reason he settles on this goofy kid called Bryce and proceeds to punch him really hard in the face.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


I'm so bored. Its 1 am again and because of my fondness for sleeping until midday I won't get to sleep until 4 am. But from about now until then I will be very tired and will lack the ability to think or take in information. So this time is dead time. And it's the holidays and I'm going to Vietnam on tuesday so I should be using my time as effectively as possible. Damn frustrating. So I came upon this interesting little thing in blogger profiles. Because I am bored I will be assessing the stats of various blogger/blogspot blogs.

Disclaimer: These assessments are only of bloggers whose profiles I could access. It would include Weezil but his blog does strange things to my computer ie. makes it crash. Also these stats are kind of dodgy especially considering the average posts per week number as this is only assessed in whole numbers.

Ms Fits
Words written- 47,897
Total posts- 204
Average posts per week- 8
Average words per post- 235
Average words per week- 1878

Words written- 14,211
Total posts- 112
Average posts per week- 4
Average words per post- 127
Average words per week- 508

Le Driver

Words written- 9,245
Total posts- 26
Average posts per week- 2
Average words per post- 355
Average words per week- 711

Just went to Andrew Bartlett's blog to see his stats and found this
'Meanwhile in the Senate, a law was being passed which empowered police to intercept the private emails, SMS and voicemail of Australians without needing a warrant. This new law, which is directly relevant to the vast majority of Australians, received no television coverage at all that I'm aware of - I guess it just wasn't entertaining or funny enough.'
Good lord what the hell happened there? Warrants (hahahaha no pun intended) more investigating, but on to more statistics.

Words written- 34,063
Total posts- 108
Average posts per week- 21
Average words per post- 315
Average words per week- 6,623

Semptember 23rd was quite an amazing (blogging) day for Knifey by the way.

Jeremy/Melbourne Lefty

Words written- 70,794
Total posts- 346
Average posts per week- 17
Average words per post- 205
Average words per week- 3,478

Words written- 195,795
Total posts- 277
Average posts per week- 5
Average words per post- 707
Average words per week- 3,534

Suki Lombard

Words written- 6,534
Total posts- 63
Average posts per week- 2
Average words per post- 103
Average words per week- 206


Words written- 26,096
Total posts- 78
Average posts per week- 2
Average words per post- 335
Average words per week- 670

Clem Bastow

Words written- 19,361
Total posts- 76
Average posts per week- 1
Average words per post- 255
Average words per week- 255

David Murray
Words written- 44,976
Total posts- 174
Average posts per week- 17
Average words per post- 258
Average words per week- 4394

la nadine
Words written- 20,002
Total posts- 100
Average posts per week- 3
Average words per post- 200
Average words per week- 600

Fulmination Dave
Words written- 24,034
Total posts- 60
Average posts per week- N/A
Average words per post- 400
Average words per week- N/A

Words written- 13,981
Total posts- 82
Average posts per week- 8
Average words per post- 171
Average words per week- 1364

Lee Lee

Words written- 8,958
Total posts- 38
Average posts per week- 6
Average words per post- 236
Average words per week- 1414

Words written- 31,275
Total posts- 117
Average posts per week- N/A
Average words per post- 267
Average words per week- N/A

kate/ Is this anything?

Words written- 2,324
Total posts- 14
Average posts per week- 7
Average words per post- 166
Average words per week- 1162

Buck Fudd

Words written- 5,810
Total posts- 27
Average posts per week- 2
Average words per post- 215
Average words per week- 430

Book Book Cheep Cheep

Words written- 3,230
Total posts- 27
Average posts per week- 3
Average words per post- 120
Average words per week- 358

Words written- 7,057
Total posts- 28
Average posts per week- 4
Average words per post- 252
Average words per week- 1008

Words written- 64,679
Total posts- 215
Average posts per week- 1
Average words per post- 300
Average words per week- 300

And the winners are...

Words written- Darp with
Total posts- Jeremy with 346
Average posts per week- Knifey with 21
Average words per post- Darp with 707
Average words per week- Knifey with

Correct me if I made any mistakes. Goodnight.

Friday, December 03, 2004

On Holidays

This holidays have been very very lazy. I've been doing hardly anything. I've had very little in the way of social interactions. I did this last week. I was one of the zombies who got kicked out of David Jones by some plain clothes heavies. Just out of interest have a look at this interview with Kalle Lasn (the adbsters guy). He has a cool accent.
I had a party the other night with a couple of friends. It was meant to be an anti-war/ anti-american themed movie marathon. We had picked out this selection. But we only ended up watching this. Which was fantastic but hardly anti-war or anti-american it was maybe pro-new zealanders or anti-zombies/aliens though. Not sure quite what happened after this. We drank lots of cask wine and various other drinks. We did this and this. We ended up watching this and half of this and a few episodes of Alan Partridge. The rest of the week i've been occupying myself with this and this and precious little else. I've been trying to read that bastard Chomsky but it's helluz depressing. I started reading A doll's house in the hairdressers the other day. She wanted to know why I was going to Vietnam (holiday) and if they celebrated christmas there. 'The asians don't celebrate christmas do they?' I replied ' i'm sure the christian ones do' . To be honest i'm looking forward to not being in this country for christmas for once. Christmas sucks.

Does noone else think that the Ukrainian thing is a little dodgy. Excuse me if I hate freedom but shouldn't we be very wary of any political movement funded and endorsed by the US. John Quiggin seems not to think so, meh. I guess this is more of a cold war type of thing where American interests do actually coincide with democratic movements' interests.
Other things worrying me are; probably just because of that new Che Guevara movie. What is the truth about him? Did he really do these "terrible things". I can't find any information that I could say is reliable. I remember someone saying that he killed homosexuals.

UPDATE: You can always trust the socialists to give an unbiased portrait of the true situation in Ukraine (I'm being 90% serious).

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


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A good night had by all last night.

Have a look at some photos

Us as consumer zombies for buy nothing day. Read more here.
Cost of the War in Iraq
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