Sunday, November 21, 2004


So the Bronwyn Pike thing. It went quite well. The first amusing thing that happened was just by coincidence we ran into Bronwyn Pike's son who our teacher knew somehow. He told us to get stuck into her about the nurses and paramedics. Once we got into the city, we were a bit early so we went to get some coffee. I didn't have any money so I just had water. But we had an amusing conversation with our teacher ( a very strange woman).
So we got inside parliament house and we were met by Bronwyn Pike's electorate officer Melanie Mcgrath. She was a charming youngish woman. Who told us a bit about parliament and the work of the minister etc. Then Bronwyn Pike arrived and she took us for a tour around Parliament. A very nice building but as Bronwyn explained to us, not really suitable for the running a state in the 21st century. Their offices were very small. Bronwyn's office was smaller than my bedroom with only a table with The Hun, The Age and The Melbourne Times on it and two desks on either side of it.
We walked past a few of the other MP's offices. The liberals had anti-tolls stickers and posters stuff stuck to their walls, and Dennis Naphine had the cover of an issue of the Melbourne Times stuck to his door. The title being 'State Labor chickens out' with a picture of a chicken wearing an ALP badge. The funny thing about this being I don't think Napthine bothered to read the article as it was a firm attack on Labor from the left; attacking the state government on it's social welfare policies.
We ended up going into a dining room area where Bronwyn bought us some soft drinks. Whilst we were there having a nice little chat who should walk in but Robert Doyle. John and I make a few snide comments to ourselves. Then Robert Doyle starts looking at us, for what reason nobody knows. So he sits down to lunch with his blonde lackey but as we're leaving he gives us another look. John and I resolve to come back to Parliament for question time after grabbing some lunch.
We both got pasties and consumed then outside Sweet Mama's cafe. Then we walked back up to Parliament. And got into the lower house for question time. And lo and behold Robert Doyle keeps giving us the eye. John eventually gives up and gives him the finger. Which shocked him back in his place. Bronwyn gave us a wave as she exited the house after question time. So we caught the train home and came away with Bronwyn Pikes card and an invitation by Melanie Mcgrath to contact her if we wish to talk about anything etc.
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