Wednesday, November 17, 2004

1 am

Ok i'm up and blogging. I'm going to have a meeting with Bronwn Pike tomorrow. A few weeks ago, I for some reason agreed to attend a 'Young Leaders conference' or something like that. I guess I agreed to go because my motto inherited from my grandmother is 'say yes'. This applies to a lot of things and is generally a good way to learn, to make mistakes and to have a reasonably interesting life. What it was was us sitting around for a whole day with Private school fuckwits listening to people speak. The speakers actually weren't on the whole bad apart from some random Today Tonight psychologist and Wayne Shwass or Vosss or something, a retired very stupid footballer. But the thing is the whole shindig was costing these private school kids $45 a bang. Thankfully our tickets were partially subsidised and will be fully subsidised tomorrow. ie. we get our money back. Not that it was that shocking, but really for $45 you'd expect to get some food. Possibly the freakiest speaker there was this guy with no legs who told some crazy stories about trying to rescue his friend with cerebral palsy from an institution by putting him in his schoolbag and dragging him away. Also he said how his Father would have beaten him to punish him for being mean to other kids ( the specific example he used was some peers of his throwing him in a bin and then lighting the bin on fire, ' if i'd litten somebody on fire, my father would have taken me out the back and litten me on fire') because 'YOU TREAT OTHER PEOPLE HOW YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED' . Say what indeed? Obviously this maxim does not extend to abusing your child. Anyway that guy was kind of crazy.
So i'm meeting Bronwyn tomorrow to get some money back and apparently she's going to show us around parliament house. My previous run in with Bronwyn was when she was at our school promoting an eating disorders information book for schools. I was briefly seen on channel 7 news that night walking behind her.
2 questions I probably won't ask her are:
1. Why do you have such a massive budget surplus whilst services need more funding?
2. Why do you not set up a database of hospital waiting list information thats easily accessible for doctors so they don't have to put their patients on numerous different waiting lists?

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