Monday, October 25, 2004


How rocking is that? How good would it be if the greens won 3 more senate seats and the coalition didn't get control of the senate and the Greens would get official party status. Finally some good news out there.

The Greens' Christine Milne has improved her vote in last minute counting in Tasmania. Her primary vote grew from 12.6 % earlier in the week to 13.3% today, with only a handful of votes left to count. A quota is 14.3%. Family First got just 2.4%. "What will help Christine to reach towards a quota is a below-the-line rebellion by Labor and Democrat voters in Tasmania. Although these parties directed preferences to Family First ahead of the Greens, up to 70% of below-the-line voters for both parties put Christine ahead of Family First. It is this rebellion together with her improved primary count which has put Christine in a better position," Senator Brown said. "It is likely we will know the outcome on Tuesday when the computer distributes the preferences and comes up with a final result," Senator Brown said. In Queensland the Greens' Drew Hutton remains in a race with the National Party for the final Senate seat. If he were to win, it would deprive Prime Minister John Howard of an absolute Senate majority for the coming 3 year parliamentary term, Senator Brown said. In Western Australia, the Greens' Rachel Siewert is set to win a Senate seat.
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