Thursday, October 14, 2004

Stealing from Antony Green

Antony Green is predicting the following results for the unknown senate seats in each state:

Victoria- Family First on ALP preferences.
NSW- ALP because of the democrats preferencing Liberals for forests over The Greens.
WA- The only senate seat Antony is predicting for The Greens
QLD- Still the closest and most interesting, but he's predicting one Lib and one Nat being elected giving the coalition a majority in the senate.
SA- ALP thanks to the Democrats and the APA
Tas- This is the real surprise, Antony's predicting Family First will win the seat ahead of The Greens from Labor preferences.

This result in Tassie would really be horrible, The Greens have claimed this as their certainty. It would also be tragic to see that the ALP have delivered Family First into the senate in two states ahead of The Greens. It's also sad to see that The Greens (and my) predictions of them winning up to 5 senate seats has failed to eventuate. Its actually quite sad to see that The Greens vote hasn't increased a hell of a lot. Bah, we shall see about Tassie and Queensland though.
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