Sunday, October 10, 2004

Reflecting on the meaning of the last presidential election, I have decided at this point in time that Mr Nixon's landslide victory and my overwhelming defeat will probably prove to be of greater value to the nation than would the victory my supporters and I worked so hard to achieve. I think history may demonstrate that it was not only important that Mr Nixon win and that I lose, but that I lose, but that the margin should be of stunning proportions... The shattering Nixon landslide, and the even more shattering exposure of the corruption that surrounded him, have done more that I could have done in victory to awaken the nation... This is not a comfortable conclusion for a self-confident - some would say self-righteous - politician to reach...
George McGovern in the Washington Post, 12 August 1973

Of course noone is suggesting that the Howard government is as corrupt as the Nixon administration but certain things do come to mind such as children overboard, the lies about WMD and most recently the Tony Windsor bribe affair. The real corruption is a moral corruption. Any government that keeps families of Asylum seekers locked up for years in appalling conditions is not fit to make moral decisions for the Australian public. Their inability to govern justly has been demonstrated time and time again. When the historians come to write their assessments of the Howard government it will be assessed as being a monumental failure of the people to elect a morally responsible government.We are headed for an economic downturn and a rise in interest rates. A crisis of faith in the government will soon eventuate, especially with them controlling the senate aswell. This election is to the Coalition as the 1993 election was to the Keating government and you'd better be sure that the same anger that threw the Keating government out of power will resurface very quickly and the Australian people will not be as complacent with a bad government as they were yesterday when they come to vote again in 2007.
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