Friday, October 08, 2004


Shocking, boring pathetic editorial endorsements of Howard have dominated the newspapers. All but 2 major papers in the country have endorsed Howard for a fourth term, I'm not sure if anyone reads the editorials anymore, I certainly never read the editorials in the age, because they're so right-wing or bullshit fake issues and only ever say obvious things. Well its certainly said to see the loss of editorial independence over at The Age, that paper is really a shocker and having these Sydney heavyweights overturning editorial decisions is really not helping it. The international section is hunk of right-wing bias uninteresting official reportage bought off shit internationa; newspapers, thanks to one Tony Parkinson the biggest right wing foreign policy lunatic in Melbourne. The only thing worth reading really in the paper are the occasional op-ed articles with Kenneth Davidson, Robert Manne and Tim Colebatch probably being the most notable writers. I wish there was a decent newspaper out there. I guess the Melbourne times is pretty good sometimes but they never deliver it to my house, I swear to god people down the other end of the street get it but we don't. So I end up having to nick it from other people's letterboxes which I'd rather not do as it can be quite a quality, informative read. Anyway, one of the only interesting editorials is crikey's , even though its quite right wing it does take an interesting big picture look about why we need a change of government.
UPDATE: Also very good.
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