Sunday, October 03, 2004

Back to school

Hooray, its back to school for the school kids of Victoria tomorrow. Can't say i'm really looking forward to it. May be interesting. I'm pretty sure that we will be taking part in the Buy Nothing Day campaign coming up, so we will have to do some deals, plus we should be trying to get our noticeboard back which the the dirty builders have stolen and de-posterised. We shall see who authorised that. I personally am looking forward to seeing the back of the builders (not literally of course, thats gross) whilst behaviour like telling students at the school that the only thing Princes Hill students are good for is sucking dick is admittedly pretty funny (depending on your mood), but its also really horrible. And i'm glad we urinated in their work environment.
On another note Latauro at AICN has assessed the minor parties electability based on their taste in film and television right about here.
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