Tuesday, October 26, 2004

YEAH! who ever said the good doctor was washed up?

This is pure brilliance from one of the greatest writers ever.

Monday, October 25, 2004


How rocking is that? How good would it be if the greens won 3 more senate seats and the coalition didn't get control of the senate and the Greens would get official party status. Finally some good news out there.

The Greens' Christine Milne has improved her vote in last minute counting in Tasmania. Her primary vote grew from 12.6 % earlier in the week to 13.3% today, with only a handful of votes left to count. A quota is 14.3%. Family First got just 2.4%. "What will help Christine to reach towards a quota is a below-the-line rebellion by Labor and Democrat voters in Tasmania. Although these parties directed preferences to Family First ahead of the Greens, up to 70% of below-the-line voters for both parties put Christine ahead of Family First. It is this rebellion together with her improved primary count which has put Christine in a better position," Senator Brown said. "It is likely we will know the outcome on Tuesday when the computer distributes the preferences and comes up with a final result," Senator Brown said. In Queensland the Greens' Drew Hutton remains in a race with the National Party for the final Senate seat. If he were to win, it would deprive Prime Minister John Howard of an absolute Senate majority for the coming 3 year parliamentary term, Senator Brown said. In Western Australia, the Greens' Rachel Siewert is set to win a Senate seat.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Occupation: , Against the

I've just read a couple of very good articles the first one here is about the costs of war from the view of an american mother of a soldier in Iraq and its very moving, she is a member of Military Families Speak Out an organisation of military families who are against the war. It represents more than 1,700 families. The other article is a more general article about military resistance to the war but it a really excellent article, very informative. Have a read

i got my Greens membership stuff

Yay, the pack includes a membership card made out of cardboard with my name written on it, 2 greens magazines, the national constitution and the victorian constiitution and charter, a volunteer form, a sticker, one gay marriage postcard and one save the tarkine leaflet. Very good.

In other news Chomsky reveals an interesting Poll.

AMY GOODMAN: So what do you think needs to happen with Israel and Palestine?

NOAM CHOMSKY: Israel and Palestine? The US should join the overwhelming international consensus, which it’s been blocking for 30 years, and tell Israel it’s got to get out of the territories. There has to be a settlement on the international border, some adjustment this and that way. And then, I would hope, go on from there, if the cycle of violence gets reduced, to closer to closer integration, but that's in the longer term. That's a first step, it's feasible, and the majority of the American population is in favor of it and has been for a long time. There's almost no opposition to it in the world outside of the US and Israel. And yeah, it could be done. It's not perfect, it's not wonderful. There are plans on the table which come close, and could be fixed. What's blocking them is our refusal to do it, not the population again. The voice of the population is out of this discussion. You know what percentage of the American population thinks we should lean towards support of Israel, instead of taking a neutral position? The latest polls about a week ago, 17%. Now, a majority of the population thinks that we ought to equalize aid to Israel and Palestine, and we should deny aid to either one that refuses negotiations, which would entail denying it to Israel. That's the majority of the population. Those results are so unacceptable, the press won't report them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Thought i better post this before it slips down the memory hole

Via road to surfdom, via Kos

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I rasterbatored Neal onto my wall

It looks really cool, but its kind of creepy having a massive Neal staring down at me as I sleep. If anyone is interested in having an 8 A4 page rasterbatored version of Neal let me know.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Stealing from Antony Green

Antony Green is predicting the following results for the unknown senate seats in each state:

Victoria- Family First on ALP preferences.
NSW- ALP because of the democrats preferencing Liberals for forests over The Greens.
WA- The only senate seat Antony is predicting for The Greens
QLD- Still the closest and most interesting, but he's predicting one Lib and one Nat being elected giving the coalition a majority in the senate.
SA- ALP thanks to the Democrats and the APA
Tas- This is the real surprise, Antony's predicting Family First will win the seat ahead of The Greens from Labor preferences.

This result in Tassie would really be horrible, The Greens have claimed this as their certainty. It would also be tragic to see that the ALP have delivered Family First into the senate in two states ahead of The Greens. It's also sad to see that The Greens (and my) predictions of them winning up to 5 senate seats has failed to eventuate. Its actually quite sad to see that The Greens vote hasn't increased a hell of a lot. Bah, we shall see about Tassie and Queensland though.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tariq Ali vs. Christopher Hitchens

AMY GOODMAN: I want to get your response to a comment made by Richard Perle, former Pentagon advisor, almost exactly a year ago. He made this comment at a conference organized by the American Enterprise Institute.

    RICHARD PERLE: And a year from now, I'll be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush.

AMY GOODMAN: Richard Perle. Tariq Ali?

TARIQ ALI: Well, what can one say? I mean, it's utterly ridiculous. I would suggest, however, that when the foreign occupiers finally are forced to leave Iraq, that a tiny public toilet in the big square in Baghdad is named after Richard Perle in memory of that remark.

Monday, October 11, 2004

I've joined the Australian Greens in an effort to prevent a Coalitiion government from ever being elected again. I'd encourage you all to join aswell http://www.greens.org.au/membership/

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Everyone's gutted

Here are some of the best post election laments:
Back Pages
Robert Corr
Darp Hau

UPDATED: Alan Ramsey
Clive Hamilton

Why would they preference Family First?

The ALP has contributed even further to the demise of an independent house of review by preferencing Family First in the senate in Victoria. Well done fuckers and well done responsible ALP above the line senate voters. You arseholes.
Reflecting on the meaning of the last presidential election, I have decided at this point in time that Mr Nixon's landslide victory and my overwhelming defeat will probably prove to be of greater value to the nation than would the victory my supporters and I worked so hard to achieve. I think history may demonstrate that it was not only important that Mr Nixon win and that I lose, but that I lose, but that the margin should be of stunning proportions... The shattering Nixon landslide, and the even more shattering exposure of the corruption that surrounded him, have done more that I could have done in victory to awaken the nation... This is not a comfortable conclusion for a self-confident - some would say self-righteous - politician to reach...
George McGovern in the Washington Post, 12 August 1973

Of course noone is suggesting that the Howard government is as corrupt as the Nixon administration but certain things do come to mind such as children overboard, the lies about WMD and most recently the Tony Windsor bribe affair. The real corruption is a moral corruption. Any government that keeps families of Asylum seekers locked up for years in appalling conditions is not fit to make moral decisions for the Australian public. Their inability to govern justly has been demonstrated time and time again. When the historians come to write their assessments of the Howard government it will be assessed as being a monumental failure of the people to elect a morally responsible government.We are headed for an economic downturn and a rise in interest rates. A crisis of faith in the government will soon eventuate, especially with them controlling the senate aswell. This election is to the Coalition as the 1993 election was to the Keating government and you'd better be sure that the same anger that threw the Keating government out of power will resurface very quickly and the Australian people will not be as complacent with a bad government as they were yesterday when they come to vote again in 2007.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

The Australian people have given John Howard a mandate for:
The continued logging of tasmanian forests
The non-ratification of the Kyoto protocol and policies that contribute to global warming
The continued detention of Asylum seekers for as long as the government wishes
The continued involvement of Australia in an illegal, immoral war
The continued pushing of Australia into a US style health system with only the people who can afford it having adequate health insurance.
The continued unequal funding of private schools over desperate public schools

List more in comments

Friday, October 08, 2004


Shocking, boring pathetic editorial endorsements of Howard have dominated the newspapers. All but 2 major papers in the country have endorsed Howard for a fourth term, I'm not sure if anyone reads the editorials anymore, I certainly never read the editorials in the age, because they're so right-wing or bullshit fake issues and only ever say obvious things. Well its certainly said to see the loss of editorial independence over at The Age, that paper is really a shocker and having these Sydney heavyweights overturning editorial decisions is really not helping it. The international section is hunk of right-wing bias uninteresting official reportage bought off shit internationa; newspapers, thanks to one Tony Parkinson the biggest right wing foreign policy lunatic in Melbourne. The only thing worth reading really in the paper are the occasional op-ed articles with Kenneth Davidson, Robert Manne and Tim Colebatch probably being the most notable writers. I wish there was a decent newspaper out there. I guess the Melbourne times is pretty good sometimes but they never deliver it to my house, I swear to god people down the other end of the street get it but we don't. So I end up having to nick it from other people's letterboxes which I'd rather not do as it can be quite a quality, informative read. Anyway, one of the only interesting editorials is crikey's , even though its quite right wing it does take an interesting big picture look about why we need a change of government.
UPDATE: Also very good.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Labor definetly still in with more than a good chance

Excellent stuff, If i were a betting man i'd say a Latham bet would be a very good one indeed. In other news IE is really pissing me offf, its messes up this webpage and my own personal edition has gone crazy, refusing to open windows and stuff. So I wholeheartedly endorse getting a copy of firefox at www.mozilla.org free, fast, easy to use your bookmarks are automatically copied etc. Really excellent stufff, fuck that microsoft guy. I have to use this quote from Psephite via Robert Corr:
I guess it doesn’t really matter if I get my hopes up and they are then dashed by an ALP loss. I will be utterly devastated any way just by the result, and it won’t really make that much difference whether or not I was expecting it.
I have to emphasise however that I really do think this will be an extremely close election, perhaps a hung parliament.

UPDATE: Although it seems I have to publish using IE goddamn google, blogger fucks they've obviously entered into some kind of unholy alliance with microsoft. www.google-watch.org dodgy bastards

Neal just sent me this picture, pretty nice from a phone, rich bastard jew, he has big hair.He also sent me some crazy jibberish:

Bonjour Pierre, ça va ? Je suis heureux parce-que tu vas venir. Mais, avant de partir, tu devrais faire unes choses. Première, tu devrais vérifier l’huile et les pneus. Je ne peux pas oublier quand ma mère a oublie changer l’huile, et quand nous allions en une parte de la route sans maisons, la voiture est tombée en panne. C’est important vérifier les freins aussi, parce-que on ne peut pas s’arrêter sans freins. Pour aller à ma ville de ta ville, tu devrais aller à l’este pour N. 23. Continues tout droit, et tournes à gauche pour le N. 36. Continues pour 12 kilomètres et tournes à gauche pour N. 35. Ensuite, tournes à gauche pour N. 38. Tu peux arrêter dans Vieuxville et vérifier les pneus et l’huile et manger. Ensuite, tournes à gauche pour E. 25, et continues pour 20 kilomètres. Tournes à droite pour N. 33, et ensuite tournes à gauche, et continues pour 5 kilomètres, et ma ville va être-la ! Je te donne les directions pour éviter Liège, parce-que il y a beaucoup de voitures la. Je t’espère, Neal.

Alex could you translate please.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The other day I saw 2 girls with t-shirts saying 'Sideburns get the ladies'. If this is true this guy is well on his way to establishing a kick arse harem. Look at them, they're crazy. I used to be known for having a neck sideburn but good lord look at this guy he's joined his facial hair up in a way i'd never thought possible.

Latham will win

I'm not going to justify it, he just is. More power to him. BTW people that say he doesn't deserve it yet or some shit, that he has to wait for another 3 years for some reason are arsehole crapbums. Just elect him already. Oh and apparently Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.
Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Back to school

Hooray, its back to school for the school kids of Victoria tomorrow. Can't say i'm really looking forward to it. May be interesting. I'm pretty sure that we will be taking part in the Buy Nothing Day campaign coming up, so we will have to do some deals, plus we should be trying to get our noticeboard back which the the dirty builders have stolen and de-posterised. We shall see who authorised that. I personally am looking forward to seeing the back of the builders (not literally of course, thats gross) whilst behaviour like telling students at the school that the only thing Princes Hill students are good for is sucking dick is admittedly pretty funny (depending on your mood), but its also really horrible. And i'm glad we urinated in their work environment.
On another note Latauro at AICN has assessed the minor parties electability based on their taste in film and television right about here.

Quite possibly me attending the 'End the Lies' rally
Cost of the War in Iraq
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