Friday, September 17, 2004

Really great site

In other news we had the debate today. Here's a list of things I learnt

  • Brendan Bailey is a poo
  • The socialist alliance talk a lot of rhetoric but they're pretty insubstantial
  • Lindsay Tanner is scared of the Greens
  • Gemma Pinnell has a speech impediment
  • Zoe Kenny was definitely not as hot as I'd previously thought
  • JC is back
  • Teishan can lay the smackdown when he wants to
  • Eliza is a nong
  • There's an attractive journalist out there somewhere doubling as reporter for the Herald Sun and SYN FM
  • Lindsay Tanner may have been the best politician there, but he had trouble trying to make the best out of his party's policies
  • The Greens brought a preprogrammed student for the media
  • Tanner was the only one without a bunch of hippies with him

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