Monday, September 13, 2004

The Panel

Ok the other night on the panel (Wednesday nights Channel 10), There was a scene that went a bit like this. Santo Cilauro had polled the audience and asked them whether the election result would impact on their lives. Something like

%77 of people said it would not. Kate says 'nooo nooo its not going to change anyone's life'. Then they ridicule the other 23% of people who said that the election would impact on them.

Flash forward to this afternoon, I was walking home from Alex's house and on a corner near my house I happen to spy some posters for this campaign by the Brotherhood of St Lawrence. And what I realise is that these people's lives can and should be changed by the government.

These people

850,000 Australian children growing up in jobless households

1.2 million Australians who can't afford to rent or buy a home

880,000 Australians who can't get full time work

24,000 older Victorians on waiting lists for beds in aged care facilities

206,000 teenagers missing out on education or full time employment

265,000 Indigenous Australians expected to die 20 years earlier than white Australians

9,000 refugees on who need the chance for a safe future and to make a positive contribution to our culture and economy.

When people on The Panel say that they won't be affected by the outcome of the results of the election, then I say good for fuking them. But other people need help from our government and just because they are rich does not mean that everyone else is.

The government affects nearly everyone. Although my family is relatively rich I've missed out because of poor government funding under Kennett when I was in primary school. And we at government schools are still missing out when compared to wealthy private schools.

Government schools educating over two-thirds of Australia's children receive less than one-third of Commonwealth school funding.

The problem is that the Labour party will not fix a lot of these issues. But at least they're addressing some of them.

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