Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh man is this site...

You get new confessions everytime you reload. Like

I secretly sort of like all the bands I say I hate. Like Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Sum41 etc.Even though I secretly like the bands, I look down upon any person who says that they are their favorite bands.I sort of wish I could listen to them without consequence, but then I too would be looked down upon by my fellow friends.

This may be cliched, but I really want to fuck my kids' babysitters. One in particular, BB, is so hot that I jerk off to her all the time.

I feel incredibly stupid for wasting so much emotion on this one guy who I thought liked me but never acted on his feelings. I thought about him all the time and always thought he truly liked me - yet I felt like I was never good enough for him. I mean, he stared at me all the time yet never made any attempts to talk to me or even say hi. Jerk. I hope that I never see him again - he caused me so much pain and sadness by making me feel unwanted.

My brother's an asshole all the time, so one time, when he pised me off a lot, I went upstairs and pissed all over his bathroom wall.

i never thought of black girls as hot but today i was in an elevator with 7 of them and they all smelt like cocoa butter .... i pictured them naked sucking my dick like a bannana and my penis moved ... does that make me racist? ps im chinese

OMG that is so funny. I can't stop laughing. This is easily one of the best sites either.

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