Thursday, September 23, 2004

Happy Birthday, we have you on file

Today in my mail I received a birthday card. Although it was a bit late (my birthday is on 01/09, note down) I was still happy to get it.

On the front it says:

Happy Birthday

At 13, you wanted to save the whales.

At 16, you wanted world peace.

Now that you've turned 17...

Inside page:

... You can start doing something about it!

Just fill in the green enrolment form and you'll be a fully fledged voter when you turn 18!

Best wishes,
Electoral Commissioner

Indeed, birthday wishes from some anonymous Electoral Commisioner, an interesting start to the day. I must say I was quite pleased about it though. But I did wonder how they got my details.
It turns out that the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) under law has to provide my name and address to the Victorian Electoral Commission. Hmmm curious. Now my information can be released to the ATO, DFAT, Centrelink and others, most probably including ASIO. Is it just me or do you find this a little scary. If you do VCE you inevitably get an ASIO file.
UPDATE: I'm visiting the ASIO website and I'm disconnected from msn, coincidence I think not.
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