Sunday, August 22, 2004

Urinating on graves

Well yesterday was an interesting day indeed. It all began as I woke up and ate some bacon and eggs, having previously arranged to meet Alex at a time between 11.30 and 12.00, I was in a bit of a rush. But then Matt rings up yelling some jibberish about meeting with Hare Krishnas for food instead. And this will happen at some time in the future. So relaxed a bit, i end up getting there around 5 past twelve only to discover Alex has nicked off somewhere in confusion. He apparently knows nothing about the scheduled encounter with the Hare Krishnas and goes home to sulk. Eventually we're all assembled outside Lygon court, we've missed Porco Rosso but Alex and i resolve to see Nausicaa after lunch. But lo and behold as we arrive at the restaurant, some bald blithering maniac tries to kill us with a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and informs us the restaurant is closed for 'renovations', and so getting increasingly suspicious about the Hare Krishnas purposes, we go off to the state library to eat raw fish and try and kill seagulls with wasabi (unsuccessfully). Anyway we end up back in Carlton in time for Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. And what a movie it was too. But that's another story altogether. The movie ends and we go off the university for Bubble cup. But the Young liberals on the floor above in the university have destroyed all semblance of dignity in that building and the Bubble Cup owners have long since left. Toilet functions were unavailable downstairs, so upstairs we went. And how surprised i was to find messages from someone who would send me pictures of his cock if i rang and another person seemingly named Chantelle who would give me a head job for $50. But there wasn't enough time for either of those possibilities, Donnie Darko: the directors cut, was about to start. We rushed back throught the uni knocking over a bunch of statisticians in our haste and arrived thoroughly drugged up at the cinema. What can I say about this classic that hasn't been said before, not much, but i can tell you that the new additions are more than welcome. An intruiging Watership Down subplot was rudely interrupted by the loss of visuals on the screen due to surges of electricity from a freak electrical storm. Much shouting erupted in the cinema and Alex and i were glad that the trio of conservative old people behind us had already left after hearing far too much about Smurf sexuality for their liking, for otherwise they would have been thoroughly shocked by the obscenities flying back between the cinema audience and the overworked, oversexed ushers. Alex and I eventually stormed out in disgust and owing to the sold out nature of the Totoro session swapped out stubs for Coffee and Cigarettes tickets. After persuading Matt that the reason my phone wasn't working was because 'I WAS IN THE FUCKING CINEMA' we managed to talk him off the cinematic edge that would have been seeing Hellboy and back onto safe ground with Coffee and Cigarettes. Alex and I went off to Threshermans for nourishment and noted that a sexy asian had served us. We later reported this to Matt who overcome with rampant sexual urges went inside to try and chat her up. The attempt was unsuccessful i'm afraid and all Matt ended up with was a weird sesame biscuit thingy. Coffee and Cigarettes really was an enjoyable movie especially the 'Billmurray' segment. The rest of the evening was mainly concerned with drinking caffeinated beverages,vandalising public property and Woody Allen.
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