Monday, August 09, 2004

Stuff and you know... stuff

Ok stuff that's happened today. Got up got dressed in groov new digs. Rejected egg, had soup. Got to school, maths, boring sat next to Jesse as Freg was sitting next to coathanger girl and Alex and Alex was sitting next to Tija on his other side. Went to get book, Hamlet. Read some can't remember. Had Chem it was boring as doing moles and stuff still. Chilled out at the park, ate an apple. Went back inside got books , turns out Brown and BJ are away hang out a bit, find out that thompson is also away. Decide to go home , realise i have italian tutor after school also dont want to miss Psych-Abnormality and normality what are they? good question- so get home chiill on the net , read some adbusters , listen to some kinks, go back to school have Psych. not a horrible lesson. Drew Claire a map of the city in a special way so she could understand it. Went to italian with Freg, ran into Tracy talked about school subject choices. Interesting if dull. Not sure whether to give up meths or not. Probly will is the worst subject ever. Hang out at lesson. Eravamo stanchi. She talked for far too long about the school system in Italy in english. What a waste of time that was. Then inspector montalbano, that was better. Too early to catch the tram to Centrestage so walk along Lygon St. i was going to see a movie at the Nova but there was nothing on I wanted to see. Got The Proud Highway by Hunter S. Thompson at a second hand book store. Had to hand it in to parents as i bought it with their money. Is now a birthday present. 1 septemper. mark it in. There are quite a few homeless people on Lygon St. One guy asked me for 60 cents i said 'sorry mate' even though i had the money. Then another guy who asked the guy in front of me for money the askee says 'you're here everyday mate' in an unfriendly walking away tone. the homeless guy says 'Thats because i'm stuck here' He asked me for money says 'i'm only a few dollars away from... ' something , i'm walking away. Then out side as i'm coming out of Lygon court there's agirl there with a jumper on the ground with money on it and asign. She looked about my age and not like shes been living on the streets for very long. I looked at her and she asked me for some money 'anything you've got' i gave her the 60 cents i didnt give to the other guy (the only change i had) her lip was bleeding. I felt really sad, i wanted to ask her why she was on the streets begging for money but i didnt, she had a sign, but the writing was too faint to read. it began 'Excuse me'. So i wandered off and bought a slice of pizza then went and bought a book and caught the tram home.
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