Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Onto a good fing

I've found this great blog just by chance by clicking on the random melbourne blog link. This guy is cool.

In other news. Brandis the baddest has been revealed as speaking some truth . This is a marked change from his Green bashing antics earlier this year (or maybe last year). Of course he wouldn't come out with this in public because he's too much of a tosser.
Well Green bashing certainly seems to be the new trend. I knew my blog post would provoke a bit of outburst but surely this and this is too much. All of these policies being described as 'loopy' and 'eccentric' are pretty good policies once you get past the misrepresentation. Take the legalisation of drugs. Clearly our current strategy of arresting users and addicts is not a good way to solve the drug problem. Recreational drugs being legalised and a regulated monopoly established would destroy the crime that thrives on the sale of these drugs, and ensure that people buying would be getting safe product. Holland is a good example of the success of this kind of drug policy. For Heroin, safe injecting rooms have been shown to be hugley successful and further regulation of the use of Heroin should be welcome.
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