Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The great shark hunt

The great shark hunt indeed. Escaping from venezaula. News just in, the embattled venezualan president may have a new fight for himslef. A fight against electoral fraud. Greg palast has just this minute informed me that the same company that sold the names of citizens to the people that disenfranchised black voters in Florida have handed over lists of names to the oligarch opposition in Venezuela. As of today i'm announcing a mission. a mission that will take great courage. We must rise up get on a plane with our attorneys and fly to venezuela to stop this impending electoral fraud. The money will be raised purely through the selling of sausages at school.and also fundraiser boxes of chocalate if we can hold back from eating them all. If my calculations are correct we will need to sell 700 caramello koalas and 600 sausages each priced at 3.50 , 50 cents extra for onion.
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