Monday, August 30, 2004

Go Green, Fuck Gold

Hello fellas. Well as you may have heard the Election has been called for October 9. For all those confused there's a guide to australain politics up at Ms Fits blog.
Let's get involved. I'm not yet old enough to vote but i've volunteered to help out the Greens. Here are the details if you wish to join me.

Greens Volunteer Induction, Saturday September 11, 2004. The session will introduce you to the Greens party structure and history and the different ways you can get involved, i.e., through branches,working groups or the state office. It will also be a great opportunityto meet other volunteers and members. Where: the Greens state wide office, level 2 , 377 little Bourke Street,Melbourne.What time: 10am - 12.30pmWhat to bring: a pen and notebook and a brief c.v. if you have one RSVP: 9 September 2004. Either email or phone 9602 1141 and speak to reception.If you cannot make the session and need to organise another time to meetwith me or chat to me over the phone please email or phone 9602 1141

Wallah. I don't know John and I are going to go. I'm feeling a bit apathetic at the moment. Oh well. If Howard gets back in we can go on a self destructive binge of political activism and public outbursts of grief. And if Latham gets in we can, i don't know, talk about it and pray he does a good job of it. Maybe the Greens will gain the balance of power or something like that and exciting things will happen. Maybe there will be a constitutional crisis and we can then fix up that motherfucker. In other news, our party is on Saturday. It should be good. I've already tentatively made a booking for the love couch, hopefully i'll find someone to join me there. Otherwise it will be sad. 'There's no such thing as bad or good, thinking makes it so'. Peace out and stop crying. It will get better.
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