Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Onto a good fing

I've found this great blog just by chance by clicking on the random melbourne blog link. This guy is cool.

In other news. Brandis the baddest has been revealed as speaking some truth . This is a marked change from his Green bashing antics earlier this year (or maybe last year). Of course he wouldn't come out with this in public because he's too much of a tosser.
Well Green bashing certainly seems to be the new trend. I knew my blog post would provoke a bit of outburst but surely this and this is too much. All of these policies being described as 'loopy' and 'eccentric' are pretty good policies once you get past the misrepresentation. Take the legalisation of drugs. Clearly our current strategy of arresting users and addicts is not a good way to solve the drug problem. Recreational drugs being legalised and a regulated monopoly established would destroy the crime that thrives on the sale of these drugs, and ensure that people buying would be getting safe product. Holland is a good example of the success of this kind of drug policy. For Heroin, safe injecting rooms have been shown to be hugley successful and further regulation of the use of Heroin should be welcome.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Go Green, Fuck Gold

Hello fellas. Well as you may have heard the Election has been called for October 9. For all those confused there's a guide to australain politics up at Ms Fits blog.
Let's get involved. I'm not yet old enough to vote but i've volunteered to help out the Greens. Here are the details if you wish to join me.

Greens Volunteer Induction, Saturday September 11, 2004. The session will introduce you to the Greens party structure and history and the different ways you can get involved, i.e., through branches,working groups or the state office. It will also be a great opportunityto meet other volunteers and members. Where: the Greens state wide office, level 2 , 377 little Bourke Street,Melbourne.What time: 10am - 12.30pmWhat to bring: a pen and notebook and a brief c.v. if you have one RSVP: 9 September 2004. Either email volunteer@vic.greens.org.au or phone 9602 1141 and speak to reception.If you cannot make the session and need to organise another time to meetwith me or chat to me over the phone please email volunteer@vic.greens.org.au or phone 9602 1141

Wallah. I don't know John and I are going to go. I'm feeling a bit apathetic at the moment. Oh well. If Howard gets back in we can go on a self destructive binge of political activism and public outbursts of grief. And if Latham gets in we can, i don't know, talk about it and pray he does a good job of it. Maybe the Greens will gain the balance of power or something like that and exciting things will happen. Maybe there will be a constitutional crisis and we can then fix up that motherfucker. In other news, our party is on Saturday. It should be good. I've already tentatively made a booking for the love couch, hopefully i'll find someone to join me there. Otherwise it will be sad. 'There's no such thing as bad or good, thinking makes it so'. Peace out and stop crying. It will get better.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Fuck you Ishita Acharyya

"A popular bar had a new robotic barman installed. A fellow came in for a drink and the robot asked him, "What's your IQ?" The man replied, "150." So the robot proceeded to make conversation about quantum physics, string theory, atomic chemistry, and so on. The man listened intently and thought, "This is really cool," and decided to test the robot. He walked out of the bar, turned around and came back in for another drink. Again the robot asked him, "What's your IQ?" The man responded "100." So the robot started talking about football, cricket, horse racing and so on. The man thought to himself, "Wow, this is really cool." The man went out and came back in the third time. As before, the robot asked him, "What's your IQ?" The man replied, "50." " The robot then said, "So, you gonna vote for Howard again?"

Lame but amusing. This is a weird question. Are Liberal voters stupid or what? There was an article in the A3 recently about the youth vote that i found very disturbing. The main guy they were featuring disagreed with the Iraq war but thought Howard was a strong leader whereas Latham can't make his mind up about the issues and so was going to vote Liberal. He may have something of a point about Latham being a wimpy fukhead. But really what's he voting on? Why does Howard's 'strong leadership' make him the best person for the job? Its just weird values. The article said that young people were more self obsessed nowadays and would vote for people that are going to help them out. Who will be good for me? What will be good for the economy? FUK THE ECONOMY. It seems like such an abstract notion with 6% unemployment in this country and 11% living in poverty. Help a brother out.
The other girl interviewed said something really really disturbing and i hope its not representative of the youth in this country.

'Fellow student Ishita Acharyya, 18, also disagrees with the war in Iraq, but will be voting Liberal because, she says, the party has strong leadership and sound immigration policies.
Acharyya migrated from India with her family when she was 12. The migrant experience, she says, has taught her lessons about individual effort - a key pillar of the Liberal philosophy. She believes Howard's policies on immigration are appropriately harsh.
"My family ... worked hard to get here. When I think of refugees, yes, they went through troubled times, but they come here and just get everything like that," she says snapping her fingers. "And then you feel undermined."'
Freaky shit.
The other girl interviewed, Stephanie Hepworth, will be voting Green, so she can big up herself. Massive respect going out to Stephanie Hepworth, I hope she smacks some altruism into Ishita.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

They stock Vice magazine at Borders

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Urinating on graves

Well yesterday was an interesting day indeed. It all began as I woke up and ate some bacon and eggs, having previously arranged to meet Alex at a time between 11.30 and 12.00, I was in a bit of a rush. But then Matt rings up yelling some jibberish about meeting with Hare Krishnas for food instead. And this will happen at some time in the future. So relaxed a bit, i end up getting there around 5 past twelve only to discover Alex has nicked off somewhere in confusion. He apparently knows nothing about the scheduled encounter with the Hare Krishnas and goes home to sulk. Eventually we're all assembled outside Lygon court, we've missed Porco Rosso but Alex and i resolve to see Nausicaa after lunch. But lo and behold as we arrive at the restaurant, some bald blithering maniac tries to kill us with a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and informs us the restaurant is closed for 'renovations', and so getting increasingly suspicious about the Hare Krishnas purposes, we go off to the state library to eat raw fish and try and kill seagulls with wasabi (unsuccessfully). Anyway we end up back in Carlton in time for Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. And what a movie it was too. But that's another story altogether. The movie ends and we go off the university for Bubble cup. But the Young liberals on the floor above in the university have destroyed all semblance of dignity in that building and the Bubble Cup owners have long since left. Toilet functions were unavailable downstairs, so upstairs we went. And how surprised i was to find messages from someone who would send me pictures of his cock if i rang and another person seemingly named Chantelle who would give me a head job for $50. But there wasn't enough time for either of those possibilities, Donnie Darko: the directors cut, was about to start. We rushed back throught the uni knocking over a bunch of statisticians in our haste and arrived thoroughly drugged up at the cinema. What can I say about this classic that hasn't been said before, not much, but i can tell you that the new additions are more than welcome. An intruiging Watership Down subplot was rudely interrupted by the loss of visuals on the screen due to surges of electricity from a freak electrical storm. Much shouting erupted in the cinema and Alex and i were glad that the trio of conservative old people behind us had already left after hearing far too much about Smurf sexuality for their liking, for otherwise they would have been thoroughly shocked by the obscenities flying back between the cinema audience and the overworked, oversexed ushers. Alex and I eventually stormed out in disgust and owing to the sold out nature of the Totoro session swapped out stubs for Coffee and Cigarettes tickets. After persuading Matt that the reason my phone wasn't working was because 'I WAS IN THE FUCKING CINEMA' we managed to talk him off the cinematic edge that would have been seeing Hellboy and back onto safe ground with Coffee and Cigarettes. Alex and I went off to Threshermans for nourishment and noted that a sexy asian had served us. We later reported this to Matt who overcome with rampant sexual urges went inside to try and chat her up. The attempt was unsuccessful i'm afraid and all Matt ended up with was a weird sesame biscuit thingy. Coffee and Cigarettes really was an enjoyable movie especially the 'Billmurray' segment. The rest of the evening was mainly concerned with drinking caffeinated beverages,vandalising public property and Woody Allen.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Fear and Loathing at Princes Hill

Things have taken a turn for the odd. Julian Burnside QC was hanging out at my father's school today. Talking to some year elevens about refugees. That man should big up himself. He was at PHSC for the RAC counter kit at school. However RAC posters are now not allowed to be put up without going through a very strict process. The weasels are closing in, and after consulting with the School councli president i've realised our only option is to go straight to the top. A meeting will be arranged with Ludowyke for a discussion. In other news, John is arranging to have a screaming match between Pamela Curr and Jerry Papadopilis (liberal candidate for melbourne) at school. Should be amusing and a suitable substitute for Andrew Bolt. As the school will not allow that Fascist to speak at school. So they should. If we're not allowed to have freedom of speech then why should that vicious piece of work get his. I detest what you say but i'll defend to the death your right to say it. I guess the school does not believe in this principle, but Bolt is a dangerous man and must be stopped at all costs. Consider his request for '150 eager school children' obviously this is the request of a deranged pervert. Bob Brown is this countries last hope, 'I found your E'. Priceless stuff from the future prime minister.

Victory for Chavez and Venezuela

Hooray. I'd like to congratulate Mr Chavez and the people of Venezuela for their defeat of the oligarchy and a victory for the poor (majority). Those who wish the opposition to have won, wish for a government without a vision and one where the people leading were involved in a coup against a democracy in 2002. Hopefully this victory represents a move away from neo-liberalism and a move towards governments that empower the poor for the rest of south America and the global south.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Drug induced psychosis

Time to load up on illicit substances. The apocalypse is upon us. True indeed that some drugs provoke previous genetic disorders to show themselves. This cannot be said for all mental disorders. I blame the majority on our toxic, salute the flag, fuck the refugee, watch people mutate themselves, peadophilic, homophobic, narrow minded, tree destroying, business loving, military loving, channel nine loving, self interested society.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The great shark hunt

The great shark hunt indeed. Escaping from venezaula. News just in, the embattled venezualan president may have a new fight for himslef. A fight against electoral fraud. Greg palast has just this minute informed me that the same company that sold the names of citizens to the people that disenfranchised black voters in Florida have handed over lists of names to the oligarch opposition in Venezuela. As of today i'm announcing a mission. a mission that will take great courage. We must rise up get on a plane with our attorneys and fly to venezuela to stop this impending electoral fraud. The money will be raised purely through the selling of sausages at school.and also fundraiser boxes of chocalate if we can hold back from eating them all. If my calculations are correct we will need to sell 700 caramello koalas and 600 sausages each priced at 3.50 , 50 cents extra for onion.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Stuff and you know... stuff

Ok stuff that's happened today. Got up got dressed in groov new digs. Rejected egg, had soup. Got to school, maths, boring sat next to Jesse as Freg was sitting next to coathanger girl and Alex and Alex was sitting next to Tija on his other side. Went to get book, Hamlet. Read some can't remember. Had Chem it was boring as doing moles and stuff still. Chilled out at the park, ate an apple. Went back inside got books , turns out Brown and BJ are away hang out a bit, find out that thompson is also away. Decide to go home , realise i have italian tutor after school also dont want to miss Psych-Abnormality and normality what are they? good question- so get home chiill on the net , read some adbusters , listen to some kinks, go back to school have Psych. not a horrible lesson. Drew Claire a map of the city in a special way so she could understand it. Went to italian with Freg, ran into Tracy talked about school subject choices. Interesting if dull. Not sure whether to give up meths or not. Probly will is the worst subject ever. Hang out at lesson. Eravamo stanchi. She talked for far too long about the school system in Italy in english. What a waste of time that was. Then inspector montalbano, that was better. Too early to catch the tram to Centrestage so walk along Lygon St. i was going to see a movie at the Nova but there was nothing on I wanted to see. Got The Proud Highway by Hunter S. Thompson at a second hand book store. Had to hand it in to parents as i bought it with their money. Is now a birthday present. 1 septemper. mark it in. There are quite a few homeless people on Lygon St. One guy asked me for 60 cents i said 'sorry mate' even though i had the money. Then another guy who asked the guy in front of me for money the askee says 'you're here everyday mate' in an unfriendly walking away tone. the homeless guy says 'Thats because i'm stuck here' He asked me for money says 'i'm only a few dollars away from... ' something , i'm walking away. Then out side as i'm coming out of Lygon court there's agirl there with a jumper on the ground with money on it and asign. She looked about my age and not like shes been living on the streets for very long. I looked at her and she asked me for some money 'anything you've got' i gave her the 60 cents i didnt give to the other guy (the only change i had) her lip was bleeding. I felt really sad, i wanted to ask her why she was on the streets begging for money but i didnt, she had a sign, but the writing was too faint to read. it began 'Excuse me'. So i wandered off and bought a slice of pizza then went and bought a book and caught the tram home.

Mio Blogo

And so begins the blog of Max. Where i will post all my thoughts about everything and nothing. Thoroughly exhausting all of my possible conversation topics. Unless I do it cleverly and make people want to know more. But I'll probly just come off as boring. All those who have conversations with me and will read this blog. Watch Out! Deal with it. People don't seem to go much to m3r anymore so I doubt anyone will come here. Good i hope they don't. Fukheds.
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